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1/17/15 Giants are back....this time in Ice

At first glance you don’t see anything particularly exciting do you? There are no Red Alert level words. Everything seems quiet and boring….but wait!

This is day #2 for Giants, and it’s surge score is actually higher than yesterday. It’s not too unusual to have a word be present in back to back runs, but having scores like these actually increasing is quite rare and what might be described as “Hyperbolic,” as indicated from my graph.


Okay, so yesterday, we had giants coming in convenient portals, and today, we have unusual giants that are apparently frozen. Question: Is the ice the portal? Recall Edna’s dream about the library of knowledge being somewhere under the Alaska Ice ( I’m wondering if we’re talking about the same thing here.

Also, group 2 just seems important, but I can’t quite put a finger on it. But check this out: Christmas finally drops out of the hunt….whew, that took a long time. I guess day residue hangs around longer than I thought.

Probably the biggest section of all is Group 3, where we might have a precursor to the Giant Ice Portal: The time marker preceding that will be “Explain ice elevator action BEGIN BOAT ACCIDENT.” Lemme break this down.

"Explain ice elevator action" --wow-- doesn't that sound like a portal? Then "Begin boat accident," which is something we’ve been talking about recently (the ocean accident and/or oil rig problem). If the linguistics is accurate here, once the boat/ocean/oil deal comes out, then the portal opens (which is confirmed by finding giants in the ice). Make sense? Probably just me with my typical divergent, creative thinking!
Everyone have a wonderful NFL weekend, and remember that TOM is just about ready for manifestation.


UP Words:     activities pub giants fri frozen unusual level fun sight reality remove tools updated wine jobs agree tar naked during blank one there woman skin joined january girlfriend canyon imply path note breath sent

DOWN Words:   tattoo field cards four sleeping flew pool wallet beat lobby hours track downstairs witch packed void lover apartment wedding christmas apparently explain ice elevator action begin boat accident attempt milk sun ship wed 2014

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