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Insensitive Unemotional Highly Intelligent Toddler
Dreamed this 1/17/05 am: Insensitive Unemotional Highly Intelligent Toddler

Intended: January Headline

I was at home, a small cottage surrounded by a picket fence, mended in spots by wire and cloth. The area seemed to be a bit run down. I had a dog and a young child, I was outside, the breeze was causing the cloth in the mended fence to flutter. The neighbor's toddler somehow was in our yard. The toddler did something to our dog's nose either smacked it or put some annoying powder on it and the dog was trying to get it off it's muzzle and seemed to be in pain. Then the toddler went over to my child and hurt him as well, very intentional actions. The child just seemed to observe the after effects and showed no concern or emotions. I was irritated with the child and I had no idea how such a young child arrived in our yard. The toddler I assumed was male and had short blonde hair. I escorted the toddler back and knocked on the door to talk to his mother. She had other children, too, and I was thinking she must be overwhelmed to let this young one escape her. However, she seemed very calm. Turned out the toddler was a female, and would not talk very often; I was of the impression she might be autistic but the mother said no, she was highly intelligent, genius IQ level, could talk, but didn't want to. She said she was 2 years and 10 months old, and the child when asked said she would be 3. The child seemed to have no empathy for people or animals, couldn't see any emotion in her eyes, although she was very observant, just seemed very detached.

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Insensitive Unemotional Highly Intelligent Toddler - by Iris - 01-19-2015, 12:29 PM

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