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Enormous Explosion Causes Worldwide Markets to Fall
Intention: February Headline

I was trading the stock market using a new computer which looked a bit futuristic. I was at my current home, with my family, living in the Chicago suburban area. I was trading stocks, and had several standing orders in the system. However, it was dark outside as though it was evening. I wasn't watching the trading system too much, as the market was trending strongly upward and all was well with my trades. I suddenly heard many alerts go off in the system and saw some orders go off as well as some unusual error messages, so I took a closer look. The very strong upwardly trending market was now down sharply and falling fast; no idea why as I wasn't watching or listening to news. I told my family to turn on the news. Then I could see as though I was there - not on tv - a huge map of the world with the markets superimposed on each region, and very large red arrows pointing down indicating very sharp moves down worldwide. Then I was outside, with many others, in a city scape (though the high rise buildings were quite far apart). We looked to the left (which to me means the west), and gasped, an enormous explosion - beyond description - filled the night sky far on the horizon (hundreds or perhaps even thousands of miles away). I did not see a mushroom cloud and none of us had trouble with our eyes as we watched the huge fire which seemed to reach for miles up into the sky. We were all in shock, unable to move, and people were in despair, many "oh my God, oh my God" being uttered. I woke up with my heart racing; and felt enormous anquish.

Side notes: trading stocks implies daytime activity as U.S. stock markets are open only during the day. However, what I observed was at night, so I believe the explosion occurs at what is nighttime for the U.S., although impacting other stock markets worldwide and the U.S. futures market which is actively traded at night. Although my dream shows us living at our current home, we are anticipating a move from this area in just a few months.

I did not have the sense that this occurred in the Chicago area, perhaps not even in the U.S. The explosion seemed to have a global impact; perhaps one or more meteors? Or a singular event that has ripple effects around the world.

As I write this I am still upset and a bit sick, and I pray I am utterly wrong about this possible vision of the future.

No idea if what I observed is an asteroid impact, but I found this when I searched, expected on Feb. 15:

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