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3/30/15 RED ALERT: CREEPing Combat Air Forces
At first, I read CREEP as being that variety that sort of scares us or disgusts us a little. However, as I read the words below it, I started thinking of the verb, which is something we do when QUIETLY getting closer to someone in order to SURPRISE them. Interestingly, we have both versions supporting the Red Alert, indicated by the set of blue arrows.  So, my guess is that something CREEPy will be CREEPing up on us shortly. Probably within 6 weeks’ time. It might even have to do with something TROPICAL or with a fat PIGGY Cool

Down at around surge score of about 20, there’s an ultra-strange set of alphanumerics that made our list. CAF.

There’s tons of different options for this one, including a ticker symbol for Morgan Stanley, China, or it could signify Confederation of African Football, or Challenged Athletes Foundation. But I’ll tell you what it meant to me before doing any Google search: Combat Air Forces. It’s a term used in the military flying corps to denote the entire arsenal of planes and pilots used in combat. We’re not just talking the Air Force planes now, but rather the Marine and Navy planes, the Army helos, and even the foreign jets, too. Consider this….It is possible for an entire CAF to CREEP towards war. Nope, I don’t like it either, but it’s true. In fact, even modern forces today still subscribe to the ancient Sun Tsu's Art of War, as he said, "mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy..."

But even if the Combat Air Forces don’t CREEP towards war, I bet you a million dollars that they ARE “QUIETLY CONCERNED” just as the lingo states.  From here, I started reading the rest of the list, and Kaboom! Look at all the amazing support for CAF! Heck, the bottom support even has one of the words in it….”FORCES,” and two versions of the word “FLY.” This is unprecedented. So we have COMBAT AIR FORCES smashed between the verb-type support of the word “CREEP.” This implies that Combat Air Forces (CAF) are CREEPING. But CREEPING towards what? All the red arrows in the chart answer that question. BATTLE, FLYING, FLIES, FORCES, and just off the chart, the word MILITARY.

We then get a summary of all this at Group 2 (note that I’ve also included extra words that didn’t make our picture because the lingo is a direct corollary). You’ll need to see the text printouts below the picture to verify this phrasing:

military thank toilet aliens happy congrats clock asking hours wild mess guide market induced amazed spirit fears.

In case you need an interpretation, here’s mine: We start with the MILITARY (particularly the Combat Air Forces). The situation is degrading into the TOILET, making the ALIEN archons very HAPPY. At the same TIME (i.e. Clock and Hours), this WILD MESS will GUIDE the MARKETS (obviously downward) and INDUCE some AMAZING FEAR.

I’m very sorry, Positivists. War isn’t my gig either, but I’m just a DreamForecaster, nothing more and nothing less, at least for now.

Parting shots.
My intuition tells me that today’s Red Alert is actually continuing a bigger story from the previous runs. I believe we’re now starting to fill in some of the gaps in linguistics, such as the “IMPORTANT MESSAGE.” For those so inclined, we could use some eyes into those previous Red Alerts to see what gaps or questions are being filled/answered. Be well.

[Image: 20150330%20creeping%20war.jpg]

UP Words:     creep tropical piggy removing initially factory impressed class written first surprise caf quietly concerned sun had certainly art crowd round view forest leather annoying city back past happily pattern battle timeline flying add

DOWN Words:   escaping nose known boyfriend military thank toilet aliens happy congrats clock asking hours wild mess guide market induced amazed spirit fears non wed forces yeah crystal robots feelings reading fri important weirdness triple viruses

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