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3/30/15 RED ALERT: CREEPing Combat Air Forces
Very nice, Sherriann! I'm recalling someone (was it David Wilcock or someone else????) who said very early on that Barry was going to be the Prez that unfolds disclosure. Still waiting...yawn. Plus, That would be the LAST person I would want to divulge such secrets. It's that trust level that just ain't very high. It's one of my flaws, I guess...part of my MBTI makeup is this facet that says, "Not at all impressed with authority figures." That's not me saying it, it was my personality profile! It's in my genes for pete's sake.

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RE: 3/30/15 RED ALERT: CREEPing Combat Air Forces - by Eagle1 - 04-13-2015, 09:09 PM

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