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4/4/15 Dawn of Possession
Welcome to Blood Moon - Eclipse - Easter weekend, and this run is a doozy. We start off with possession....

Isn’t humanity already possessed, or is that just a wild conspiracy theory? The dreambot doesn’t scare me today, even though it says, DAWN of POSSESSION. Yeah, whatever, bot!

Group 2 makes me think that real STORMs are coming to the mainstream CHURCH community; maybe that is what was being implied in Group 1.

In Group 3, “STRAIGHT JOE” sounds like Biden, because he tends to not mince his words. He’s well know for being too straight of a talker. Okay, so what kind of story includes Biden, POT, HITS, and ESPECIALLY HENRY? More from the Epstein saga? Oh this is getting good!

Group 4 might look like a bunch of random words, but it might actually be a decent metaphor. Here’s my take. We’ll be CRYING SHORTLY, but in that travesty is an OPPORTUNITY, and it only lasts a few HOURS. In the month of PISCES, there will be FIRE and brimstone.

The month of Pisces just passed, so we’re looking at Feb 19 through March 20th of 2016, and the source of the fire and brimstone is unknown.

How’s all that sound? And with that, I have been notified of yet another “Barry”-Care victim. I shall help them navigate the choppy waters of the medical prison we all live in.

[Image: 20150404%20dawn%20possession.jpg]

UP Words:     dawn possession days arch glad induced sneaking view draw storm church sandwich spotted fri stranger enjoy hole target shoulder loads pouring pattern shoes straight joe cousin conversation pot constant adult realistic hits especially

DOWN Words:   creature dry tar around crying shortly opportunity hours fish indeed fire swim feelings ship thanks energy dreamer birth mirror long candy dream ghosts class beach bear explain exciting tank dare wow blank march wonderful lucid

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