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4/8/15 College Superhero and a Medical Casino
Okay, this is weird. Why would the dreambot choose a low quality story in the college football arena to highlight today? From what I can tell, there was a certain defensive lineman at Alabama who was accused of some sexual deviance. He was arrested and then subsequently fired by the Alabama team.

Then, just days later, Jonathon TAYLOR’s accuser recants the story, and then she herself is arrested!

All that went down a little over a week ago, so this is most likely day residue. However, what the heck is SUPERHERO doing here? Is this TAYLOR character really supposed to be a SUPERHERO? Sorry, but his situation just doesn’t give him any opportunity for superhero status! There’s also a Taylor College. It’s in Belleview Florida. Maybe something associated with their school develops into something that needs a superhero.


This next bit is huge, that is if the story isn’t just two crazy people wanting a lot of attention! I skip down to Group 4 because there’s a huge MEDICAL CASINO that might be set to take place in 2016. This MEDICAL CASINO will INCLUDE the transfer of a CONSCIOUS brain using “an ultra-SHARP blade to give it a clean cut.” Oh yes indeed….they will severe the head of the volunteer at the same time as the head of the cadaver. Then fuze the two together….

 The biggest loser section is jammed with more archetypes, including BARRY, EPIC, SNAKE, and much more. It’s almost too packed for me to gain any meaningful understanding of it. Notice how today’s BARRY lingo is still negative. Have we had a single positive lingo for Barry? I don’t think so.

[Image: 20150408%20superhero%20and%20head%20transplant.jpg]

UP Words:     added welcome superhero college taylor alt lucid wed master pools terror awhile interesting stones leo motorcycle gotten april group grow airplane planning aisle shaking semi familiar check adult chuckle license joe spread energy

DOWN Words:   scared hospital locked city 2014 self barry data lake bite classroom lady boss epic one height perhaps snake request doctor inner sent attack beautiful save number interrupted ghost horse wild lives creation class stealing sun

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