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First I saw two heavy burdens on the earth.  They were like great stones and they had numbers on them as identifiers but I didn’t understand the meaning of the numbers.
Then I saw the earth was completely dry. There has been a war. There was no water. Dust was blowing. No trees. No grass. There are dirty people. Some are burned. Most are bloody. They look lost. Empty. Hopeless. They are starving.  There is no food.  They have eaten even all the spoiled and soured food to survive.  There is money blowing in the dirt.  Theres a dead baby wrapped in a yellow blanket and dead bodies lying around a huge lake of a black liquid/water.  Theres a swarm of black crows thick as a fog swirling up out of the water and filling the entire sky.  Theres mountains in the background with white peaks.
I can hear funeral music playing somewhere in the distance.

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