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10/06/14 Growing Robots and Marines on Antidepressantss
hand held elementary horrifying

CDC now endangering all Americans by pushing five irresponsible assumptions about Ebola transmission
"a runaway outbreak across the USA could result in as many as 30 million deaths if uncontrolled."

Even the W.H.O. now openly contradicts the CDC, stating "The Ebola virus can also be transmitted indirectly, by contact with previously contaminated surfaces and objects." [6]

The W.H.O. also explains that "...wet and bigger droplets from a heavily infected individual... could transmit the virus -- over a short distance -- to another nearby person. This could happen when virus-laden heavy droplets are directly propelled, by coughing or sneezing..."

Scientific study reveals conspiracy theorists the most sane of all

I knew that already.
Snake robots! Slithering machines could aid search-and-rescue efforts

By Elizabeth Palermo, Staff Writer
Published October 10, 2014
These microscopic robots can swim through your eyeball fluids
Nov 07, 2014 18:06
By Andy Dawson
(11-08-2014, 11:49 AM)esholars Wrote: These microscopic robots can swim through your eyeball fluids
   Nov 07, 2014 18:06
   By Andy Dawson

Flashback to the TV series 'Falling Skies' *L*

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