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Precognition Timing
Does anyone have a specific timeframe for when they typically see their precognitive dreams come true? The global "standard" is one week, but this truly is an individual phenomenon. Bottom line, would just like to commence a discussion on this matter in this thread.
visions anywhere from a few hours to a few months. dreams anywhere from a few months to a couple years. usually if I feel like im in a hurry in the dream or vision that means its gonna happen sooner.
I'm glad I asked! We may eventually find out that the typical 1 week timeframe is completely bogus. Thanks for the reply Smile
Eagle 1 - Within 2 weeks is the norm for me.  I have a had a couple that were months later.  The same for my waking visions/knowings.  
And then there are the crow caws. That happens within 2 weeks also.  When I hear a crow caw 3 times, someone I know will pass on.  The closer the caw caw caw is to my ear, the closer that person is to me.  Like when my grandmother passed on, it was very very loud in my ear, like the crow was sitting on my shoulder.

Hope this helps,
It varies, I find, on the impact of the event on my life. The larger the splash, the farther away one can feel the ripples, as it were.

I dreamed of my grandparents' death two years in advance, of moving to my current home one year in advance and of what I only now realise was the rise of IS in a hideous nightmare while in Egypt about six years ago.

With this in mind, the dreams of desolation and some terrible impending catastrophe that I've been having since I was about 11 (more than 20 years now) are alarming in the extreme. It may be that those dreams foretell my own death, apparently in battle, but I don't know for certain.

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