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CameTrue 5/2/15 Desert Class and INTENSE Earthquake!
Here's a headline hit for this botrun's words,

"teeth plate underground cooking protest character"

This blankety-blank Pediatric Dentist sure did his abuse "underground" because he refused the parents being present as he worked on their kids! (shame on parents agreeing to this)
"protest character" yes there's a class action lawsuit against him and this report has pictorial proof of some of the abuses.
"cooking" well he sure made some of these kids' mouths very red!

(05-02-2015, 09:29 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: It was a very nice robust run, but the surge scores stayed tame. The word CLASS is simply an anomaly. It’s average number of hits is well over 600, and so the only reason why we keep seeing it in our runs is because recently, every once it awhile it drops off drastically, like to just 133 on the 29th  and 500 yesterday. So even though CLASS is right at about it’s average today, we’re seeing it at #2 with a really decent surge score.  Also notice how CLASS stayed high while CHEATING plummeted. I find it really interesting that DORM replaced CHEATING as the top spot and thus the SCHOOL meme continues to get stronger.

In fact, I think we now have a location for our eventual school headline: Palm Springs, CA. Reason? Because that campus is known as “The College of the DESERT.” Plus, if there is a DETAILED FILM SCHEDULEd, how convenient that Palm Springs is only 1 hour and 48 minutes from Hollywood! Now all we need is the “what” component to our college/school headline.

Today’s run is chock full of material. Group 2 is Chani telling us that he/it likes the DREAM WORKER GRAPH that I posted recently comparing the DJIA and the Dreambot.

Group 3 warns of a big EARTHQUAKE PROCESS which will move the UNDERGROUND PLATES. In fact, the area implied here is apparently COOKING! My guess is either Yellowstone, San Andreas, or New Madrid because this particular earthquake needs to be INTENSE and (life-)ENDING.

Just below Group 3 you have PROTEST, which is undoubtedly day residue from the Freddie Gray ordeal.

I REALLY like Group 4. I think it’s my favorite in recent memory. It may not manifest anything, but in my imagination, the SUN and the MOON should have the same fate when CERN rips us a new Universe. On the other hand, the SUN FOLLOWing the MOON could just as easily be a simple eclipse. Check this out, as of this writing, the next eclipse is due in 133 days, 14 hours, 26 minutes, and 35 seconds.      It will be a partial eclipse. The next total lunar eclipse will be Sep 28, 2015.

Wait a second, didn’t NADW dream of Sep 28th?! Ooops, erroneous memory. NADW’s dream date was Sep 24th., which is 4 days prior to the eclipse. How ironic is this? NADW’s dream implicated a big sky flash! So we have something flashing in the sky on the 24th and then an eclipse (darkening of the sky) on the 28th. NADW’s dream is here:

While we’re at, dreambot warns to FEAR NAKED PORTAL!


[Image: 20150502%20desert%20class.jpg]

UP Words:     dorm class desert detailed film schedule view till entity glad graph fri dream worker monkey jumping weekly intense ending earthquake process teeth plate underground cooking protest character there sent giving add person agreement

DOWN Words:   void tea flight sun follow moon low catch odd awkward hide stand understand cause speed boat dude guard tree neighborhood fear naked portal wed dancing ram light hiding mon gun jack action often dreamer cheating
Okay, folks. THIS is what you would call a big TICKLE in DreamSeer Scoring.

From the original post in this thread, "Group 3 warns of a big EARTHQUAKE PROCESS which will move the UNDERGROUND PLATES. In fact, the area implied here is apparently COOKING! My guess is either Yellowstone, San Andreas, or New Madrid because this particular earthquake needs to be INTENSE and (life-)ENDING."

Here's the tickle, and it's a tickle because the event hasn't actually happened, but a popular news article comes out and predicts it or talks about it.

#CameTrue T5-5-3

BIG TIME head's up:

How freaky is this? California Kevin (you know, the one who dreamed of the recent historic Texas flood back in 2011?) ....yeah, he also dreamed about San Andreas' next big one...

Oh crap...
process, cooking, desert, view, dream

The Promises and Perils of Synthetic Biology

"The idea behind the venture was radical: Use synthetic biology, a promising new technology that lets scientists reengineer the genetics of living organisms, to take on the fossil-fuel industry—and do the whole thing with pond scum."

" make unique cancer drugs and antibiotics, is making vanillin (vanilla extract), stevia and saffron. Amyris, the company that created the revolutionary synbio anti-malarial drug and then tried its hand at fuel, is manufacturing lotions and fragrances for perfumes. "

Another hit for this run!
void tea flight sun follow moon
The Solar Impulse 2 had to make an emergency landing Monday due to weather in Japan. It is trying to make history by flying on solar power around the world. It left China (tea country) and had to land in Japan (another tea country). The flight across the Pacific had to be (void) for now because there was damage done to the wings by a storm after landing. Now the leg across the pacific will begin after the full moon, (follow moon) we just had instead of preceding it.

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