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5/3/15 Red Alert: Filming Class + Barry Missing
Yes, I often have visions that come to pass, although I don't always understand them until the event is right on top of me! In the past few years, I've been actively working at paying closer attention to my intuition and going with its flow and it hasn't steered me wrong yet. The few times I didn't fully trust myself and didn't heed the intuition, I usually wound up in a mess I likely could've avoided! It's an ability that's been there since I was a kid, my parents would tell me about the first instance they noticed it: I was about 6 and we were sitting outside the Granville island market in Vancouver BC, and I had said to my parents "you know, of you sit here long enough a midget will walk by! " naturally, that wasn't politically correct and mortified my parents, and sure enough not even 3 minutes later the crowd parted and there was the aforementioned extremely short person waking right by us. I don't even remember the instance, but my parents said, that was the definitive date they began to notice my intuition at work. In recent years, it's been really handy at work helping me navigate choppy political waters, and jumping ship before layoffs, although I would play it down there to not freak people out ( I'd have projects and assignments completed before they were even assigned), and it did make it really easy to do phone based tech support. This past year, it's driven me to do everything possible to buy land outside of Edmonton and move asap, so the next 3 weeks see me moving to the bare land and setting up the new homestead asap. Normal for me is to have the intuition unfettered all the time, but that gets tiring with the crush of people in the city, too many flashes too fast cause me headaches, so I can't wait to move out to the new farm where it's about one family per square kilometre or less. That's so much less noise in the countryside.

As for the hunch on the necklaces, it's going to be interesting to see how that manifests, hopefully less scary than the recurring dreams I've had of simultaneous multiple tornadoes since I was a kid!

(05-04-2015, 04:21 PM)Nanny Wrote: Wow.
May I ask you and NOT offend you, and you know this is not a test.....we don't know each other...

Do you have visions that come true? and so this is as huge as it sounds? My hunch is yes.

And, wow.

(05-04-2015, 02:12 PM)Shadewolf Wrote: Necklace parking garage, this brings me a flash of a lot of people hanging by their necks with jute ropes in a big garage/warehouse. That's not a good image in any scenario! The other image I get is alot of well dressed people with gilded necklaces tied to a wall in a large building, just waiting for a signal or active purpose. In this image the people may not actually be real people, I get the sense they are drone-like. Are those guilded necklaces actually power cords or data links? Maybe it's people sitting at computers in an office somewhere?

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