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5/3/15 Red Alert: Filming Class + Barry Missing
My 2 cents (before getting back to work this morning)
Between 1954-1955, it is documented (but HIDDEN), that Pres. Eisenhower went MISSING for three DAYS (and more) this happened more than once, coming with with lame excuses for his disappearance.
Ever hear of the Greada Treaty of 1954?

You know, the one between our government and the aliens in exchange for high tech? TPP also. It is around the time many abductions began. Then wham! Stealth technology, computers, etc came in and our progress took off.

I wonder where Barry is going these days- look up folks. You won't find MSM headlines on this, but may find it in dream subconscious.

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RE: 5/3/15 Red Alert: Filming Class + Barry Missing - by *AD - 05-05-2015, 11:32 AM

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