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5/12/15 Foul Sacred Ritual
Trending:     mon beer blanket ritual sacred climbing foul flash transition alien shadow burned goodbye liquid cloud trust protected hill necessary dragon available shelf remove thank amazing shut bored kyle briefly confirm crushing mean notified

Waning:   sad couch wonder yesterday path important younger sick trip flew needs wild wandering toilet lady fun april means save camera lucidity edge shower son snake song theater healing taylor crowd theory warm than dawn wed

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

A mega lull bringeth mega linguistics:

This run might also be known as the Reptilian Run. 

ritual sacred
flash transition alien shadow burned goodbye
liquid cloud trust
necessary dragon available
shelf remove thank amazing shut
confirm crushing mean notified
son snake song theater

The overall feel to me is that the veil (i.e., the reptilian alien smokescreen) is lifting. The power is returned to the people. Twilight zone, anyone?
Is "beer" the "liquid cloud?" Well, it is for some people but is it in the coming headline about it? Nah, sounds like the exit of the cloud may be why "alien" is "burned."

"mon" top of the list reminds me that I've wondered if folks that report dreams actually write "mon" in them. I assume so but what the heck does it mean? it's been in a LOT of botruns. *(Same type of question exists for "wed" which also is in a lot of runs.)

"Taylor" is back and that name has had one hit. Clearly botrun words can have more than one headline.

"snake song theater" is this a reference to Jade Helm, or not specifically but of the Isis camp very close to Texas border? A lot of people are snakes so likely this is someone else, I suppose.

Dang, have ignored the names List for weeks now, and here's "Kyle" to be added. Gonna have to commit some time to that list and go back a few weeks.
lots of words here that sound like my night last night...
Liquid cloud, shadows burned?

Sounds like the aftermath of a nuke.
Foul burned from the previous day's title and now foul sacred ritual. Don't know why but that jumped out at me, that the two are related somehow.
Yeah and with "flash" next to "foul" in this run it sure does sound like it could be a nuke.

I always hesitate if/when only a couple of botrun words seem to point to a story. These two words are together in the list, and they are "healing taylor." That name is in a good number of runs so am about to check some of them to see if they, too point to Taylor Hale's medical miracle, also.

A dude named Taylor already has a hit on at least one other run.
#came true
transition alien shadow burned goodbye
A US court has backed a temporary hold on President Barack Obama's plans to shield almost five million illegal immigrants from deportation.
Twice! That is a monumental hit. You did it again! I'm already thinking about next year's IASD conference, in which I'm going to talk about Dream Linguistics. Therefore, I need to be able to find these hits of yours very easily in the future.

1. Already done, but I haven't been able to evaluate it, and I have to go do a bunch of essential errands. THERE'S A NEW TAGGING SYSTEM! When something comes true in a thread, please add: #CameTruex-x-x
The essential part is #CameTrue, and if you are so inclined, go ahead and add a dreamseer score (that's the x-x-x part). If you don't have a score, don't put any x's in the tag!

PLEASE add the new tag in TWO places: 1. in the tag window, and 2. in the same place as where you are documenting where the dream or bot came true (i.e, in your post.....that way if we get rid of the new tag system, then at least we still have the posting tag where we can search for it. )

2. If anyone remembers super big hits, then try to go back to those threads and add the new tag.

3. Please evaluate the tagging system. If we don't collectively like it, then we'll try something else. 

I'll write more about this in the ABOUT section later.

Thank you all for your help.
Wow! There are window tags. But how does one actually ADD a window tag?
That's the problem i noticed. If we have any more comments on the tags, do it in that new annoincement thread. Looks to be an auto tagging system......yuck
see my thread in user questions "tags"

OP can edit in tags

I think the system is still tagging. every time I refresh the page the tags are different
Very cool! I'm glad this thread was moved forward because here's another "taylor" hit! Taylor Hale, the young girl that got a medical miracle.

We now have three hits for "taylor" and yep, it's been in countless botruns.
The more bot runs a word stars in, the bigger the eventual headline. The original Barry headline was a Rabbi, and it was a big one, but then Barry came back for another stint (and hung around for quite some time).
The bigger the headline? Well, help me here. We have 3 hits on "taylor" now that the Swift gal was identified as one. So, ya mean this doesn't indicate that sometimes it's several headlines with the word instead of a really big one?
ritual, wandering (traveling), goodby (funeral), sacred (to Wicca), burned (crematorium), sick (cancer), crowd

Pagans gather for elaborate Wiccan funeral of celebrated Cornish wizard
19:16, 27 May 2015
By Tom Bevan
Pagans gather for elaborate Wiccan funeral of celebrated Cornish wizard

Hundreds of people dressed as witches will pay their respects to Ian Wilson in a ceremony based on the four elements

"High priestess Julia Stoiber, a close friend of Ian, will be flying in from Austria to head Thursday's ceremony, which begins with four torch bearers representing the elements."

* Wiccan funeral emphasizes respect for the earth and for the natural life and death cycle. According to traditional Wiccan beliefs, those who pass on move to the Summerlands, a resting place for spirits transitioning from one vessel to the next. Based on a belief in reincarnation - See more at:

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