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? about posting dreams
I have a question about posting dreams. When I feel like I have a dream to share, which are few and far between, I am not sure how much detail to enter. When I write down certain dreams, I try to put every detail I remember for my own records which can end up with lots of details. When I post in the forum should I enter a short version of the dream?

Post only what you are comfortable with. The more details given the easier it is to interpret or find stories that connect/explain what you receive in your dream. We all assist in finding metaphors and alternate meanings. It is also good if you would put what you might think your dreams signify.
Julie, great question. Esholars: Great response.

We also have the Support Group area where dreams are kept from public view. So, if a dream is extremely personal, you can sign up to be in the support group and put your more private dream over there.
Thanks Eagle 1!

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