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Remember Cern? lol The lastest from THEIR website
Here is the latest and greatest from Cern. New as of May 12-15.
Such a warm/fuzzy feeling (not!) to learn they signed a new agreement with the US. I'm like, "uhh, wonder what the old agreement said and why the current admin. wanted a new one at this time."

Found this two hour radio show about CERN linked from The Chani Project forum and highly recommended by one of their mods. I haven't watched it yet, and wish I just had a synopsis of this show but do plan on viewing it.
Wait a second!

"Discovered! The 6-toed giants and fallen reptilian “savior” that wiped out the Anasazi!"

I remember a linguistics phrase that matches this perfectly! Arrgghhh, can't find it.


had the reptilian run Eagle1

This run might also be known as the Reptilian Run.

include also-> hill protected
along with->
ritual sacred
flash transition alien shadow burned goodbye
liquid cloud trust
necessary dragon available
shelf remove thank amazing shut
confirm crushing mean notified
son snake song theater

The overall feel to me is that the veil (i.e., the reptilian alien smokescreen) is lifting

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