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island pool
I am watching a scene at a house on an island.  theres a grey haired woman sitting in a lawn chair watching children and a young woman  in a kiddie pool.   its blue and has a ladder.  theres a rubber duck.

then a brother and sister that looked like twins appeared in the pool and brought a small pet shark.  the young woman kept her attention on the shark.  it was eating a banana.  the young woman kept the sharks attention on herself and not the children.  

the shark began to shapeshift.  its face became a lynx. it changed into a sort of cat-faced poodle and came up for air. she  asked the kids what kind of dog it was. she was worried about it playing with the kids because she didn't know what it really was and didn't know the kids it belonged to - they seemed not to want to be part of the group. they were hiding something. they never moved out of the middle of the pool.  

the sky is getting very dark and scary.  its getting very windy and huge waves start crashing on the beach.

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