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poisonous shrimp & chemical warfare
(Dreamt   on May 8th)I was at some kind of event or celebration....some people I friends and acquaintances, others were complete strangers... there was a large long table with foods to celebrate.

Then I noticed most were a shrimp salad with onions and cream cheese  and  also cold shrimp with cocktail sauce. When people saw the shrimp being brought out to eat ,many scurried to eat it, I had tried some and the texture and flavor seemed off so i spit it out.

I was chatting with a few people and all of a sudden 2 guys next  to me sitting and eating dropped dead...I yelled for someone to call 911.....other people had red type welts mainly on their faces  but also on body and were having a hard  time to catch their seemed as if the people whom ate that shrimp were the ones getting really sick and dying

. Then some other long lost friend of mine announced the FBI was coming. I saw a woman with  a baby gasping for breath and the baby began getting the rash also...I asked if I could hold the baby for awhile....promised the woman i would bring the baby back to her. The baby was able to walk while holding its hand and by form of telepathy the baby asked me to go outside and talk to some important woman with blonde hair that just arrived.

She was outside of the building. so we went outside and I noticed cats, dogs, and squirrels running around frantically...but the animals were not affected with this virus or whatever that had people dropping dead quickly. SO instead of the FBI showing up to investigate it seemed it was a more powerful organization that arrived instead...I asked where is the FBI? Said no need for them to be I though they were either CIA or some kind of globalist or Illuminati type secret group. They were all physically fine and not affected either. I was worried of my husband and son, but they were still alive and dressed in camo and went out to the woods to hunt or something...or to help somehow.

when I tried approaching the important lady, I saw a small elderly bald headed man with glasses talking in a strong accent....he was holding a pill like vial in his hand. He seemed to be talking in German or Russian, but did speak  a little English too. They wanted me to hold this bottle for some went to grab it from his hands and it almost fell fumbled trying to hang onto it, but did get to keep from falling.

The man was very upset and said you don’t know what you’re getting into here and you are lucky you did not drop the container or there would be major disaster. I noticed when I first went to grab it, there were 3 Klu Klux Klan members sitting on some chairs right behind this old man. They were even in there white hooded uniforms, the one member almost seemed to grab the container, but I beat him to it. The container had clear liquid in it with some kind of flakey stuff mixed inside. All I could hear is someone say this is biological warfare get out. Then I woke up.
At first I thought "Fukushima" but shrimp is a big deal from the Gulf of Mexico. That Core-exit junk did no-telling how much damage from the Deepwater Horizon mess.

Project Ano, I barely think I recall did point to a chemical that will affect many.
Thanks for documenting this dream, LavendarLady.

Nanny, funny you remembered Project Ano. For me, I was reminded of Project August and AwakenedDreamer's first PA dream about people dropping dead from a virus/vaccine/outbreak scenario.
We all together do seem to bring a great sampling of all the memes. I don't think I ever got to read Project August. I found y'all in September. I also don't remember her dream. Good memory on your part.


Virus outbreak?

The year is 2020

Corona virus...2019

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