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i  tried to link into the NDC form for dreams come true on two sites-
ABOUT drop down on DREAMBASE (old one) and DREAMBLOG. I got an error message
Page not found on both sites.
I know the NDC is in transition. this is to be expected. No sweat- labor pains right?

I haven't gone into my dreams (old site) in a while. I actually forgot about most of them until
Chris reminded me of Atlas Shrugged. While browsing through I realized a few had actually materialed or are
in fact doing that now for 2015.
So, when there is a mission to incubate say for an entire year, how does one put that into perspective for timelines and variables on the weight scale of 0-5? An entire year is obviously not right away- 5.0! However, if it materializes months later but within a year, is it still a 5.0? Does that matter? Really............
Food for thought.
My question Chris, or Admin- where to document a potential dream come true?
What forum thread?
Should we have one like we do for JUST DREAMS?
Or am I missing something with the lousy dial up- forever to get into a page, link, article, tab etc?

For now I will post any potential in a thread to transfer over to whatever the ADMIN decides, just so that I don't lose it.
Is that okay with everyone?

okay- I deleted the posts not the thread as it is creating a sh..t storm of discussion here- I think it is healthy to discuss as it has some salient points come to light as the forum and site grow and evolve. Personally I like option #2 Eagle1. Something to consider after your return.

Sheriann you also bring up a good point about dreams matching bot doesn't fit into the original format of Dreams Come True

is that concept evolving? Chris enlightened us on that.
Perhaps that is or should be yet another category.
My itch and inkling is that Chris may come back with those golden nuggets or answers
from the conference.
Its a new world we are exploring and pioneering.
Carl Jung would be proud.
(05-22-2015, 01:24 PM)Windy Wrote:

How to score dreams, although these should be submitted to Chris, clearly he has been very busy. Maybe we should have just dream reveiwers as their only job....didn't we have that at one time?
You may submit to Chris for addition to the Trophy case, but it probably will not get done right away. FYI.

thanks Windy-
I feel really bad as in, MY BAD, for asking Chris this at this time especially with the forum site developer taking a hike and all that is on his plate.
The timing is not important here. the question was actually more rhetorical in that timelines are collapsing these days.
We've been incubating for the Project Ano which was for the entire year- yet the scoring for WHEN is based on the immediacy of the dream come true form the event.... if the mission was for a year long time frame how does that fit into the scoring?
Should there be a variable factor in that category? Get my gist?
Something to be ironed out and pondered when formulating the new forum layout perhaps.
I haven't yet read this entire thread, but I think I know the general question here, and get this:


I think what I am going to do is overhaul the whole COME TRUE aspect of our forum. Since those dreams & linguistics that come true should invariably be discussed inside the thread, I was thinking of doing one of two things (although both of these are currently low on my priority list):

1. When a dream comes true, we'll talk about it in the thread where the actual dream was. When it does come true with documentation and an informal score, I then can either copy or move the thread over into a new sub-forum, probably called "These Came True" or something like that.


2. In the discussion thread, when the dream comes true, we provide the documentation links AND we attach a special TAG, something like #CAME TRUE#.   That way, someone can go into search and search for #CAME TRUE# and all the results would be all the things that have come true in whatever forum you selected during the search. So, you could just search for dreams that came true or just bot runs that came true, or just Proj Ano predicitons that came true, or all the above, and so on.

Personally, I think I like option 2. Obviously, we'd have to be creative on those dreams that came true that are still in the Dreambase. HOWEVER, if you already have a trophy case established, just go ahead and reply to your own thread and say that your dream from the old dreambase came true. Please copy THE ENTIRE dream because there's no telling if and when that old dreambase is going to no longer work.
I must be missing something.... Just because a dream from a while ago shows up as wording in a bot run doesn't mean the dream came true until the event actually happens and is reported somehow independently on some news site on the web. The Trophy Case is about dreams and predictions (posted headlines) coming true at an individual level and/or at the DF level re: headlining and to what extent as vetted by someone at arms length. Hopefully we're not going to lose that aspect.
As always, thank you for keeping me in check. Yes, Sherriann is brownie points yet for a precognitive dream about a future bot run.

However, on a slightly different note, I HAVE noticed that some people do tend to match the bot runs more closely than others. I think STILL might be my top candidate for this. So far, we haven't been able to capitalize on this gift and so maybe she needs a team mate....ah yes, WINDY seems to be matching her dreams, so there you go. We really do need to figure out if we can use these skills for something really beneficial. My hope was to use them for elucidating the daily bot runs but haven't had time to work through that.
incubate the collective dreamers? sweet
I edited my 2 cents in the original post- now greatly shortened.
No apologies only thanks and love to you all.

(05-22-2015, 01:38 PM)Windy Wrote: You would still take the date of the dream, and the date of the news here is the kicker to that Windy- what if, like the case of this latest dream in question- the date is a week or so after the dream - okay score on that one BUT- it drags on into May- a few months later due to DUE PROCESS, which grinds its slow wheels hence making further headlines two months out- still the same dream with details further into the future!-- AD

Example If you had the dream on 12/1/2014 and the news came out on 12/15/2014 then it would be within one month, even if the event happened on 12/5/2014, due to the fact that it is based upon the verifiable information.
If in the news it says "This incident happened on 12/5/2014" then that is the date that Eagle1 has been using for the time frame.... if there is no specific date then it falls back to the date the news was first posted and can be verified.

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