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Responding to Dream threads, but not from an actual dream
I have been observing the NDC since G Ure created the original and have remained in the background.

During the growing phase of the project I have been comparing my observations and intuitions to what has been posited and revealed. What I am curious about is what would be appropriate as a response to some of the dream posting and postulating?

I am asking this because of the dream forecasting about Dallas, the change and what could have happened on Wed the 8th. My immediate and initial reaction was Duncan would lose his fight and things would continue to escalate. This was just a calm, silent voice-type reaction that I have had often in my life. I am hesitant and unsure how to share effectively.

Also, I have been reviewing some of the information about active dreaming, but I am still at an impasse about how to proceed in this area as well.

Help and responses are appreciated. I guess this is a request for guidance and mentorship, too.

Welcome filmstrip
Now that you have become a member you will find many post by people that meditate or intuit on our bot runs and dreams.
They usually post stating that they had a reaction to some item during reading or meditating on some item.
Just post your thoughts under the "Dreams, Memes and Interpretations" section. Or you can post under the posted item you are discussing.
We are all here learning and experimenting.
Again, Welcome.

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