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5/23/15 Asians shall Rule
Trending:     item view stone fri slope up ron there unfamiliar dream decided were confirm rule asian yesterday design under tube change realized had jump other gemini look near mother net add categories forum lucid

Waning:   sometimes voted hate apocalypse three taylor brain perfect series childhood makes among portal train bring dining tar important lover movie days great surprised lives thank scary blank hospital especially fish snake race today mon lion

<----- DISCUSSION ----->

I’m putting the textual word lists first now and then I’m going to have the first few words of each run being seen on the front page. So every dreambot preview will start with “Hot Words.”

In today’s run, Groups 2 and 3 are talking about our website! I’ve already started adding a help category, but it’s still in the works.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Nanny posted in the Update on the transition thread:
Quote:Eagle1, you really need to not worry about any new website and focus on this big conference presentation. (watch the botrun speak to you about it anytime, now Wink Very sweet thoughts from sorry, who was it? about us all seeing your presentation.

Well, it's not like we didn't see the bot's comments coming, right? Big Grin
DLP, GREAT job incorporating past comments. I had forgotten about Nanny's excellent suggestion!!!!

That being said, let's discuss the term Gemini. I know the archetype of Gemini are the twins, so am I making a TWIN site? Well, actually, I think I am. It is going to look different for people who haven't been to the site recently, but for all intents and purposes, its basically going to be the same site. Thus, TWIN?

I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything here because Nanny's insight was extraordinary. Clearly the bot was talking about our site, so please help me hammer out exactly what its recommending for us. And now that I read it again, I see "OTHER GEMINI." Is this the other twin? The site looks similar but it's really just the same. Thanks all.
Eagle1, too cool! you sound like you *may be about to add another "forum category" and LOL these words are in Section 3. (Am I having a false-memory or did you post here that we now know that words in botruns can and do sometimes point to more than one headline/issue?)

In late-March, I think it was, there was a shortcircuit in a vertical tube at CERN. Between Groups 1 and 2 are the words "yesterday design under tube" and maybe "change realized" goes with these. I thought of CERN upon first reading these words, then found the short circuit in tube report online.

Group 4 is so obvious! "especially fish snake race." Yes, ISIS the "snake" has Christians "fish" as number one target for beheading. This will ramp-up? making another headline or fifty, I guess.
Oh, "today mon lion." "Mon" is in tons of runs! so it stands for "with?"

Yes, the "snake" is in a race with "fish" and "mon lion" because Jesus is the "Lion of Judah."

It says "look near net mother" right before it speaks of you adding another "forum category."
What is "net mother" saying?! metephorically or whatever label this deserves?? You are to do that.
Nanny, you get another bullseye! Smile

Yes, another category has indeed been made (just as bot suggested), and that was started last night but I made it inactive until I get some threads together. Let me describe what I'm doing, and you tell me how "Mother"ly this is (i.e., whether this is what the bot run is talking about)....

The name of the new category is "Start Here." It will be at the very top of the forum index page. It will house the new "about" page and probably a "Faq" page as well as probably some contact information. Further down the road, I'll incorporate things that beginners need to know, such as setting up their account, knowing about "View Today's Post" link, the stuff about PMs and chat....all that sort of stuff, including what things might get them into trouble.

Get this, when I was flying in the military we did pre-flight briefings, and the first part of every single one of those briefings was called "Motherhood," meaning, this was the admin stuff in the flight (such as what frequencies we were going to use, our callsign, the people we needed to check in with, safety considerations, takeoff speeds, etc, etc, etc. So, I find it funny that the bot run called this Mother Net Add Categories because the category I already added was just like the Motherhood of our flight briefings.

....and let's hand it to Nanny again....her words jolted me into realization about what bot was saying here.

Big question, though: Have I missed anything?
Yes, "look near mother" does not even take poetic license, about your new section. It is so obviously saying something about your new section........Start here....the basics....lemme get you started off right...'mothering.' LOL too cool.

Even cooler is what the Air Force top gun program called your briefings! I just told hubby....will tell ya why in PM just a line or two. Did y'all have a "creative' name for your debriefings? "Father" would've worked well, because Father is the one we, traditionally answer to after hellcat fights, my term for the big, bad or dangerous stuff we do.

Eagle1, you said, "Big question, though: Have I missed anything?"

I bet this run will have several people showing us things we've missed. All I have amidst rushed multitasking and running an errand soon is more on Group 4.

That is likely a coming headline of Isis or some snake killing "fish" christians in a hospital, somewhere. False flag? maybe~
Real? or like Sandy Hook? Dunno...but it's a coming headline, it feels like.
HA! Father would be a very appropriate word for those grueling debriefs. I don't think we had any special name for those, except just "Debrief."

All right. So based on your perspective, we have all the suggestions from Group 2&3? I'll let you chew on Group 4 while I get back to business....the new Mother threads Smile
Group 2? oh, goodness no I doubt we've got enough suggestion for this! That, at a glance sounds like an entire other subject.
What if....the linguistics go...

"decided yesterday confirm Asian rule design change under tube (or under tube change) realized Gemini jump" or something close to that because...

maybe we are going to find a headline? or a report about CERN concerning this??

I'm looking right now to see if CERN just announced a new partner and it has anything to do with the tubes. Look what I just found! not a hit yet, but checking here...and don't want to spam the site but this link belongs on your CERN thread.
Thanks for looking after me, Windy!!

Check this out, I actually moved the 'searchable' portion to the very top....that way when I get the RSS working correctly on the front page, then some of the top dream words will be displayed in the preview for each run.
People can verify this and notify me if this every gets messed up:  There should ALWAYS be equal or MORE words in the text printout than what is displayed on the picture. If there ever is a time where there are more words in the picture than in the text printout, something got jacked up.

On a different note, would anyone like to try the Contact Us page? It's a new type of forum, where the non-admin people will only see their own threads. Let's make sure that works.
i dreamed about major Asian cities all night.
its new. major new. major bad.
Doesn't surprise me, Still. You seem to have an almost direct link to the collective "mind" (that would be Jung's philosophical concept, but we could choose another theory that you're more comfortable with). The bottom line is that from my perspective, you seem to be in tune with the collective dreamscape, and I want to make sure we develop this skill. First off, we need to probably elucidate the possible uses for it. If anyone can use this talent, it's the NDC and our patrons, so we're at least in the right place Smile
nothing to do with that.
cant see it
Cool! It's working Smile
Still, in your Asian nation dreams....any clues about Japan's currency crashing? severe economic problem that hits them, and the world stage like "bam?!"
(05-24-2015, 09:57 AM)Windy Wrote: New Major Asian Cities.

China is building a military base island, quite a ways off shore, and warning US military aircraft to move out of their restricted air space.

The situation in a rather big nutshell:

China is laying claim to part of the South China Sea that is also claimed by several other countries, like Japan and Indonesia. To up the ante, China has taken to building islands, one of which contains an airfield big enough for their largest military aircraft. There's a lot of harrumphing going on by the various countries and Japan is thinking it's time to increase their military to deal with this threat. Meanwhile, IMO, China is basically throwing down the gauntlet and daring the various countries in what I would call "Put up or shut up and this turf will be ours." Our government has also harrumphed, then upped the ante by sending military aircraft to that area.

Also IMO, China's flexing its military muscle with the full knowledge that the few countries that might be able to do something about it are in no position to do anything at the moment. The US and Russia are broke and China holds enough US debt to have the country by its collective short and curlies.

So what's so special about the South China Sea? Well, besides the fact China claims it as part of China and there's a country that really doesn't like to share its turf with anyone, the big draw for all these countries is there's oil beneath that water. Lots of oil...and they all need that oil, particularly China.

I pay attention to that area because there's a lot of political crap going on that could suddenly take a very nasty turn.

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