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Hotel Robbery
I was substitute supervising a hotel front lobby. Really fancy hotel, somewhere in the west, but not in Vegas. Marble floors, tall ceilings, lots of windows, chandeliers. Lots of employees.

The neighboring hotel employees are our buddies, we lunch with them. All in good spirits, we laugh a lot together.

Back to work, it's nighttime now. I'm behind the front desk and one of the employees from the other hotel comes in all dressed in black and armed. He has a mask on, but it's clear to us who it is. He doesn't say anything, just points the gun. My employee sighs, rolls his eyes and says "not again....". Then he pulls out this huge drawer of cash. Stacks and stacks of cash, probably 100k. He hands it to the robber friend. I am appalled, "WHY isn't that money in the BANK?? You can't keep cash like that laying around!".

He informs me that the money isn't safe in the bank anymore, we have to keep it all here to keep it safe. Even if the robber takes it, it's safer than in the bank. He tells me I should never put any money in the bank. I'm intrigued...but skeptical. Where would I keep my cash? wouldn't the hotel people come and steal it?

I'm left with a confused warning feeling when I wake up.
I am very glad that you are contributing your dreams! This one is reality-based. A cyber attack, false flag that it's going to be will wipe us out or if they're the crafty devils it may take a certain portion of every bank's accounts that it has time to hit, etc.

Welcome again and thank you very much.

I hope you'll be posting on bot runs, helping us to discern what they may be saying as well as about other folks' dreams.
Thanks Nanny. My dreams just haven't been vivid enough to post for the last few weeks. But I will continue to post when they are! Still warming up to the bot runs, you guys really extract stuff out of there that I'm not seeing. Maybe takes a little practice Smile
Do not dismay! for months, when I first got here, I often couldn't see how they got "that" out of THAT! LOL....but it

we are all human and do not always agree of course. But, it will come because of metaphors and such. If only bot run words were literal to each headline, and of course sometimes they are. The word "sleep" for example could mean oh, maybe folks that "refuse to see" certain things.

You'll get it and meanwhile...we need help in various ways here, like giving our hunches to what other peoples' dreams say to us, personally. Also in encouraging others, and then there's us all sharing any future events that we intuit/feel are likely in our future.

Thank you~
XeeMay, yeah, just ignore the bot runs for now. There's really no hurry for that. It does take time to start thinking ultra-abstract. It's more like an art form, although the statistics I've gathered does suggest this is equally as much a science as it is an art.

I agree with Nanny....this one feels very reality based even though the money is perhaps in places it shouldn't be. Actually, I think that theme speaks very loudly here. Just a quick question....are you by any chance a very collective-type dreamer? By that I mean to ask whether your precognitive dreams are very personal for you only, or do you notice them coming true in news headlines (i.e., at the collective level)?

Thanks for the dream! Smile
XeeMaye, rereading my first post here, to you I just realized that this could've felt like a pressure when I said I hoped you'd work the botruns. Please forgive me. I *meant that I hoped you "felt welcome" and at ease in doing so if you wished.

Therefore, saying it now. Enjoy this place and please never feel any pressure to perform or do anything.
This way, it comes naturally as long as you are having fun with this Science in its infancy.
Thanks Nanny! No pressure at all....I'm enjoying the learning space. Smile

Eagle - I think it's kind of a mixed box. In short I think the answer is "both".

When I was a kid, these dreams were very personal. As an example: in the 6th grade I dreamed that my friend Connie pushed this girl Sherry into a mud puddle on the playground. There wasn't much detail in the dream. The next day after gym class, I couldn't find my belt. Later in the schoolyard, Connie noticed that Sherry was wearing it. She walked up to her to confront her and I was amazed as I saw the whole thing unfold before me. She shoved her, once, then again, then pushed her into the mud puddle. EXACTLY as I dreamed it.

Later in life - I was about 19 or 20, I had a very terrifying dream that I didn't tell anyone about for many years. I think I stopped dreaming of future events for a long time because of it. I had just moved to Boston, and the first night there I dreamed about flying around town (later I realized what/where these places were, I'd never been there before). Then I was pulled down into this park and I witnessed two men in plaid shirts beating a pregnant woman with a 2x4. I made a gasping sound as I watched, and one of the men turned and actually saw me...which woke me up in a terrified sweat. 2 days later, I read in the paper that a pregnant woman had been murdered in this park. I knew that I had witnessed this.

Now - and I think because I've been out of practice....or simply ignoring the signs....I don't really know. I have dreams about being other people (which I believe to be past life dreams), and I have dreams with a FEELING that something is going to go wrong (for instance at a show day...I'm a concert producer) and they do...but the dreams aren't specific enough to detail what the issue is, just a forewarning of sorts.

I started recording my dreams about 2 years ago again, and have been able to go back to them to recognize some precog in them. It's possible that some line up with headlines etc. but I'm not a big news person so may have missed things. I'm paying attention now!!!

Sorry, long answer to a simple question lol.
You are an awesome addition here.
We count our blessings, the biggest being our contributing members.
There have been a few newsworthy hotel robberies this week. None of them are directly like my dream, none of them in the west and the hotels aren't super fancy like I saw, but seems like a rash of them like this is strange. Or maybe this just happens more than we know!

These guys didn't use guns. And not in the US.

Again with a gun:

No gun mentioned here.

And this one...hotel guests robbing other hotel guests.
This thread is making me not want to travel. Smile joking..........hey, weve got some more talent! 

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