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DF_Eagle1-02 -- Oct 2014 -- Teacher/Professor MIKE in custody
Started a new thread with same content because I just realized that I voided my own post by modifying it.

Headline 02A: California teacher/professor (name associated with Mike/Michael) is now in custody, 17 October 2014. City is Las Angeles, and he is being accused of some sort of killing/murder and/or child abuse and/or neglect. (Max score possible: 5-4-5)

Note: City was not based on anything. I reserve the right to change this city based on my or anyone else's dream incubation. The date is based on the highest probability factor from 10 October (when the dreams were recorded).


10/5/2014 "Avoid professor"
10/6/2014  "Disaster planning classmate"
10/8/2014 "Worst professor murder quest"
10/09/14 "Invitation prof aliens"

And now the latest batch of dreams....LOOKOUT!!

10/10/14 NADW: "Coach/teacher is a killer like Charles Manson" 
"Teacher or Coach to high school aged teen boys, a man in a position of power, he does things with these young boys which is illegal"  "I am there with Mike

10/10/14 KImSpirit: "In this dream state, Michael was heavy with guilt over the consequences of his earthly actions." "Michael and I were not friends, just classmates." "Michael K. had been arrested in 2007 under the suspicion of pedophilia, as a teacher at my former high school"

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