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Oceanic Event - "The Wave"
Oceanic Event?  October?

After a recent period of "out there" activities with no reportable dream content at the earth level, this morning it was a major oceanic event and I found myself standing on the beach (HI? CA? elsewhere?) looking at the water receding over a fairly level and wide sandy beach zone region and then seeing the main waves incoming. I stood and watched to better estimate the wave height -- 100ft -- or more -- as it crashed up and over the near vertical landform as I looked up at it.  And it could be for October this year. But without a better time or geographic relevancy provided, it is just "another one of those oceanic events". Experienced as a detached neutral observer. Look-ahead of three months.

Will try to get some additional details on this.

PS: I have had dreams and visions of global scale oceanic and other events that when assembled are like pieces of a consistent portrayal of various near-term earth-changing events. After a period of "seeing" all sorts of dramatic looking near term events, I found a way to filter for only major ones so as not to become distracted with those mostly of a localized or regional influence.

Not sure if this can be accepted as related material, but we just received a comment from "Kevin" over at the Barry the Rabbi blog post ( )

"Good one Chris! I spoke with you a while back. I had the hit in the Himalaya quake. I had something come in the past couple days. I had mentioned something big coming this dec . It came to me wondering about my mom’s health. it still may be that, but I got something in the past couple days. It has the feeling like those things that did come to fruition. It is a titanic storm of unseen size coming somewhere around the end of December or early to mid January. I cannot peg where it is…however, if it is the northern hemisphere.. my feelings say it will hit the west coast but no as bad in so cal and make it’s way east-south-east. and effect Europe. However envisioning this I do not see water… thus the clouds I am seeing could also be volcanic ash. When I envision the southern hemisphere….I get lots of water and wet in the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan. They are wet anyways so I can only assume that this will be above average of water.

In addition, a dream I submitted a couple years ago may come to play if more diseases come. I had seen a shortage in fast food and other public food sales as there were limited things for sale. A disease already hit the swine and caused shortages in bacon and it is known that Ebola is very infectious to swine as when animals in Africa are found dead from ebola, it is over 50% of the time wild boar. if our farms get affected. the food shortage will happen."
Interesting that this post reported a readout showing an estimation of wave height.

All I have is October-November this year -- and that is at present too sketchy for me to go on.

and another from someone as of Mon Oct 20
Another recent dream report from someone other than me:

"Early morning dream. It was very short. It was a lovely sunny day, and I was suddenly approached by an old man, who came up and said, "There will be a tsunami today, and it will hit between 8am and 8:30am.
I remember being shocked in the dream and stood there for what was a few seconds in the dream and asked again, "what?". He said it again. And, then he said it would be near Ocean Shores, WA area, Aberdeen, etc. I then recall turning around and telling my daughter who suddenly was there in the dream that we needed to contact people who lived there and tell them to get to high ground quickly.
Of course I have no idea if the "today" in the dream was actually today, or some future "today", but the time frame was clear, and at the time of the dream we had about 3 hours to warn people. For some reason I sensed by his demeanor and quiet confidence in what he was saying that it was going to be a very large tsunami. Suddenly the man disappeared, and I recall thinking I needed to figure out how to warn people fast enough, and also thinking they would think I was nuts for calling them, begging them to get away from the coast as quickly as possible. I then thought, well, if I don't warn them then they will die, so I took the risk and grabbed my phone, and that's when I woke up. End, of dream. "

The Wave
The Flash


I notice two main qualities to "The Wave" or "Tsunami" -
-- one is oceanic and very physical,
-- the other is that of energy -- high spiritual energy and/or denser space plasma energy of solar or extra-solar origin.

The wave of energy seems closely related to what a few have called "The Event" or "The Flash".

And so I try to examine closely what inner vision is picking up to attempt to distinguish between precognition of major 3d-earth physical events and "other" -- such as vibrationally out-of-phase events that may interpenetrate with consensus 3d reality without physically interacting at a 3d physical level.

And then there are those energy structures that are more of higher vibrational light -- these usually are more apparent as light structures and energy waves. And so there is the question at times of distinguishing between the higher vibrational energy waves and the denser forms, such as plasma propagating through space.


Third floor = 3d ordinary reality?
Basement with clear water = a primordial vibrational space? A vibrational space below 3d cleared of the darkness and effects of aeons of vibraiotnal density?

The dreamer describes a wall of white (light) of inconceivable intensity - reactions in dream experience as one might expect when encountering something like this.  

Not the same as solar plasma "burning" the planet surface and atmosphere, etc.

No physical destruction - end of evil in the world. This is something of what I would expect from such a Wave of Light with those who are essentially naïve innocents.

Major reset.

Great Flood is Coming
‎Today, ‎October ‎24, ‎2014, ‏‎4 hours ago

announcer said this is a national emergency, a great flood was coming,
an unprecedented tsunami
ended up on a high plateau or mesa, a flat land surrounded by mountains itself was high in elevation. thousands of people already there.
temperatures would plummet to subzero ranges.

Would be of some interest as to the home base location for this person.

From my own dreams and visions, there are a few scenarios that would fulfill this set of specific events. The first is the shifting of the earth crust relative to inner layers with likely alterations in the angle of spin axis of Earth.

Perhaps this thread would include additional discussion of dreams and visions specifically involving a massive oceanic event like this.  (Distinct from waves of spiritual light or space plasma, etc. )

As we each investigate global-scale changes that come through intuitive senses, dreams, visions, clairsentience, etc. I also have to raise an informal "null hypothesis" -- was this another test of some psychotronic or more direct telepathic influencing. (yes these things exist and they are used to influence masses of people across great distances).

That said, I find it more than a little interesting that in the recent few weeks there has been a number of dream-vision reports of massive water inundations, other related earth change events, early warning feelings by a few sensitives, -- and published reports from the science interests concerning the reversals of the earth magnetics field, destruction of Japan, and a revision of tsunami risks to Hawaii. Etc., ...

sounds like people are dreaming the "Noah" event. Maybe past life stuff?
Past events seen as future?

That is one interpretation -- sometimes these dreams-visions-overlays are echoes of the ancient past -- or geological past.  I have noticed this on occasion.  These echoes, however, also presage future events.  One superficial example would be the "unexpected" reactivation of geologically old faults and volcanic structures - some 10,000 years old, some 100,000 years old, etc.

Concerning my "null hypotheses" concept, I only mentioned it to raise some awareness of human-based or non-human entities setting up virtual scenarios, etc. "as if real".

That said, enough individuals with well developed "seeing" abilities have reported over recent years many details that help to fill in the "larger puzzle" -- different facets to a more singular pattern of major changes.  

My own notes are substantial enough as far as I am concerned, but over the years too many others have had their own experiences of "future" events that make a far more detailed composite picture than any one individual.

As we approach the first major "window of finality" that I am aware of (the 2017-2019 period as per the artifice of the human calendar) more details of various major events will be detected with increased clarity. I am starting a thread for 2017-2019 discussion.

The Wave - Oceanic Event

This is a dream report which contains enough of certain qualities to the information reported that get my attention.  

Anomalies here would be the "four horsemen" reference. Yet, "biblical" stories, myths, etc. are so widely shared in the human collective mentality that regardless of one's religious orientation (or lack thereof) such references could simply be the "closest fit" to the human awareness, and that is how it is expressed as that is how the individual mind reporting this can accept or process the information.  It may not necessarily signify something about the source of the information.  But it is an expression that stands out to me in contrast to "straight reporting" that characterizes most of the dream report.


"Water Horsemen"
‎Yesterday, ‎October ‎26, ‎2014, ‏‎10:46:54

I am standing on land, in a coastal area on the Pacific. I am not sure if it is Japan or China, but feel it is Japan. I am talking with someone who stands beside me. We are discussing daily events as the sky grows gray and my associate says 'that was terrible, did you see that?' (I did not see whatever great event caused it, I was not looking in that direction, apparently) I say no, but look at that! From the ocean water, a few miles off-coast, it looks as if the water stands straight up in the sky. It is over a mile tall, but soon, the 'wall' of water breaks and begins to look like 'fingers'. From our position on the coastal land, the wave appears to be traveling not towards us, or away from us, but from our left-to-right (if in Japan, as I assume, then this would make the wave traveling SOUTH from our location - and I feel this is correct). The 'fingers' resolve themselves into terrible apparitions of 'mounted horsemen'. First one becomes defined, then two, then all four. Simultaneously, I hear 'now the time draws short, for with this, the horsemen all ride'. Again, another 'Biblical-related' dream (I am not devout) and yet with this one, to my understanding, it doesn't even make sense (unless the cause-agent that made the wave, that I didn't see, is what 'causes all of what is to come').
Ah yes, this is where the "huge wave" meme went to! I was going to put this dream into that thread, and Alex did it for me! Yes, I found the Water Horseman dream to overlap nicely with Sherriann's tentacle dream.
(10-17-2014, 02:24 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Not sure if this can be accepted as related material, but we just received a comment from "Kevin" over at the Barry the Rabbi blog post ( )

"Good one Chris! I spoke with you a while back.
In addition, a dream I submitted a couple years ago may come to play if more diseases come. I had seen a shortage in fast food and other public food sales as there were limited things for sale. A disease already hit the swine and caused shortages in bacon and it is known that Ebola is very infectious to swine as when animals in Africa are found dead from ebola, it is over 50% of the time wild boar. if our farms get affected. the food shortage will happen."

Yikes! This smacks of my dream
And similar ones...
the 'tainted' food could be diseased animals....of course! Where South America (or any central/latin american country comes in is anyones' guess. Pork certainly was on the menu and so is chicken. Thanks... not sure why I just caught this.
I've stuck this thread as an ongoing project.
Hooboy, with this new, large blog entry by Eagle1, this thread sure has leaped in importance, and it was already very important, of course! So many dreams all over the net have been about tsunami, and the folks didn't know where or what coastline or island they were viewing, But, Trapper sure knows where his dream was referring to!

What if....this is a huge metor or comet that's going to crash into the Pacific, and affect a lot of areas?! Sure, Hawaii in the center of the ocean will be greatly affected. now, I have the desire to seek out some of the other dreams for re-perusing, if that's even a word.
Thank you, you sweet soul! Dang good to hear from you tho bummer reason (this subject) if ya know what I mean.

Do you do intentional dreaming? If you do, will you please help us all out and ask how soon this Hawaii event is, or ask for whatever information about it that may be given to you? Hope you don't mind me asking, but please do tell me if you don't dream that way.
Oh dear, yes you were burning the midnight oil. I live that way so often. There's almost "magic" in the quiet of the night.

Thanks for explaining and bless you to have your days and nights fixed very soon.
Live by the airplane principle, always. (when flying, we're told in unlikely event of needing oxygen masks, to put it on ourselves first, if someone that needs us is traveling with us. If we don't care for ourselves first, we're useless to others, or not as useful. Live it! Wink hug~
The bot runs likely have picked up every dream on the internet, is this true? I found a page where Hawaii nuclear event has been dreamed by three? folks. Two of them dreamed same type event, same location on the same date, but four years apart.

Friendly "warning" to folks turned-off by scripture or bible-talk. This page gets to such things, but starts out and is heavily about the title of the page-- Hawaii and dreams just two years ago, etc, about such.
Could this be what is being seen, maybe reliving the experience?
Red Sea: Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army From the Biblical Exodus -
Well, I hate to bring this up, and I don't know if it will end-up tied to all the 'Hawaii' views, but as of today, there is word out of NOAA and then a TV piece by Michio Kaku that a 'Bombogenesis' event is forming in the Alaskan Aleutian islands right now, and will devastatingly affect 250-million Americans, centered on the dates of November 11-14, 2014.

I had to go and study-up on this for 20-minutes to realize what it actually is. A 'Bombogenesis' is a rapidly formed super-cyclone with tremendous wind shear, capable of dropping ambient temperatures by up to 50-degrees in a matter of minutes at ground level. In effect, it is a potential 'land-based hurricane' involving arctic air and warm southern trades drawn up.

I fear that this may be the 'manmade' component of what is coming on the 14th. Sadly, I don't think this is ALL that is coming, merely the part that makes the natural event far worse.

This is, most assuredly, an event to keep our eye on.

- Trapper -
There have been quite a few dreams (yes, including permanently sick, a.k.a zombies) from Nov. 2 through today that lead into an event like this, bolstered by the November Headlines. I almost had them all put together and then clicked on a wrong button and lost the compilation. I sit at a desk in front of a computer for a living and my shoulders (after 21 years of it) are too sore for me to sit here and do it all over again tonight. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow morning....Maybe I wasn't meant to do it at all..... Wink

Be safe!
Zombies aside- sounds like the movie," Day after Tomorrow". Gee, where is Dennis Quad when we need a
good looking scientist to rescue us all.
if that was the case, then the FOOD meme would come to play too. So folks would need
to get used to southern and South American cooking/fare if we survive a bombogenesis event and go south, that is,
IF there IS any food to cook
due to shortages,, tainted crops, ebola crisis, economic collapse.
I need a ride on a reliable spaceship right about now, you know, one that doesn't blow up.

calling =32=
anyone home?

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