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(Intense vibrations; little recall past few weeks. I am wondering why.)

From last night:

I was with my husband (passed: 6/11), in an unknown setting, an unknown house. Quite suddenly, there was a violent home invasion. Then, we became observers, although I was scared and confused. Through the door came a black man, in his 40s, accompanied by a person dressed in a gorilla suit/costume, short and fat, along with a woman in her 20s, quite beautiful, Saxon, tall, with long brown hair, acting as if she was the queen of the operation. We hid and watched, as their path of destruction increased. We knew they were looking for children to kill. Just as suddenly, we were in a casino, seated at a bank of machines, having made our escape from the house. Thinking we were safe there, we were both surprised to see the ruthless gang enter the casino walking by us, but not seeing us, clearly looking for us. They slowly walked by us in a line, including the individual in the gorilla suit, led by the woman.

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