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What may be coming our way
In a dark room, looking down at a holographic map of the world, like one of the tabletop battlegrounds seen in movie war rooms. As I studied the map, it zoomed into the southeast Asia area of the Pacific Ocean. There was a flash of light. Huge cloud of black smoke blocked my view of what was occurring in the water. A huge wave rolled out in all directions. Nearby islands and coastlines were obliterated as the water washed over the lands. I watched as the part of the wave that rolled over the Pacific headed towards Hawaii. In what seemed like minutes but was likely hours or days, most of Hawaii was inundated. The wave kept rolling across the ocean until crashing into the coastlines of the Americas. From the Baja peninsula to approximately the Washington coastline, the wave rolled over the coast and flowed inland for miles.

As I continued to watch the hologram, whatever caused the initial tsunami sparked a series of earthquakes and volcano eruptions around the planet. The most serious was a volcano eruption off the coast of Africa that caused another tsunami that took out the Canary Islands and Azores completely. The wave hit the east coast of the US, not as severe as the one that hits the west coast but still severe enough that NYC goes under, as well as any low-lying area. This upheaval causes the New Madrid to activate. The entire US seems to be shaking. I can't see how people are reacting but I imagine utter chaos and panic.
Within minutes, the entire topography of the planet is changed. The US no longer looks like it did before. As everything seems to settle down, I see two flashes of light and following mushroom clouds. One was over the Middle East, the other over the mid-Pacific.

The hologram shifted and became similar to a TV screen. Somehow I knew that what I was going to see was before the tsunamis. A picture came on the screen and I saw leaders from around the world converging on underground bunkers. They seemed to know something was coming and were going to ground, literally. The media reported as if the leaders were still at their posts, misleading the watching public. After the disasters, the leaders did not emerge from their hidey-holes but ruled from their safe places. Their actions angered me because they were busy seeing to their own safety and continued existence and letting the citizens fend for themselves as the world fell apart.

Wow! What an intense dream! Could it have been initiated by a large asteroid I wonder?
Interestingly, this past week scientists have called for worldwide population reduction...your vision would indeed achieve just that.

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