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Severe Break-Out Of Head Lice
Multiple children (dozens) with severe cases of head lice. I don't know the location of the school or health center I was at. I didn't know anyone in the dream. There were officials yelling out instructions to parents and volunteers that had showed up to help combat the problem. Children were having some kind of solution combed through their hair to kill the bugs, but it didn't seem to be working. I was given a blond preschooler and a lice comb and instructed to start combing the bugs out of his hair. Which I did, but he was struggling with me and wouldn't sit still. It appeared he was very itchy and was scratching to the point he was bleeding. Lice was falling off the comb (and the child) and onto my clothing, which started to freak me out because I have long hair and was afraid they would get into my hair. More people were showing up with their kids to get them help; it was starting to get crazy with people demanding help and kids crying because they were so itchy. I remember hearing one of the officials saying "This is nuts! What's happening here? I've never seen anything like this." Bugs were starting to crawl on me and I woke up because I didn't like the dream.

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