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Trips and Visits, contd.
(Note: I have absolutely no recall of any of these experiences, and am reliant upon my notes.)

#1 I am in a Clark Griswold type of stationwagon with woody sides. It is my stationwagon, but I caught a man unknown to me stealing it and using it. I was driving him somewhere where he could not continue to hurt others. He was a predatory con-man of Irish extraction, in his early 30s, light brown hair, light brown eyes, wavy hair, medium height. As I drove, he remained silently seated in the passenger seat. In the blink of an eye, I arrived at Sally and Mike's house. Mike ran out to greet me, smiling broadly at seeing me, with jet black hair and vivid blue eyes (he has red hair, in real life). He took a look at my passenger and said, "What are you doing here?". He knew him, and distrusted him intensely. At that moment, Mike's wife, Sally, came whirling out of the house to see what was going on. I left this con-man with them.
#2 My telephone rings once. It is the SIGNAL. Someone who knows my secret signal is ringing me up to tell me of an emergency. I wait. I do not hear the telephone ring again. But, I do hear NVC. It is my contact, Cherokee, and she states (verbatim) "three hours into the (storm), Florida is gone".
#3 I see my husband (crossed over 6/11) in front of me, heading into a casino buffet restaurant (constant theme). I see his back, he is wearing a medium blue t-shirt and blue jeans and white sneakers, as he takes big strides toward the restaurant entrance. I cannot keep up with him, and eventually I do lose him, and I am a bit frantic. There are actually two buffets connected with a common entrance. To the right is a Chinese restaurant named Dim Sum. I look around at the waiters, and they are immaculately dressed, but with bare feet. I am a bit disgusted, noting that someone has allowed them to get away with this unhealthy practice. I find my husband already seated at a half-circle cushion restaurant table in the Chinese restaurant. There are throngs of people everywhere, both restaurants, and the restaurant appears to be closing. I get up to try and grab some desserts at least, and take a mini-pecan pie and another tart from the desserts section. I go to look for a glass of milk, and find milk in a stainless steel dispenser. I pump it out, and it comes out watery and almost transparent. Yuk! I return to the table where my husband is seated, and next to it is another rectangular table, full of long, long breads, most with sesame seeds on top. Some are just chunks of bread. I am told to take the bread chunks home with me. I place these into a big bag and prepare to leave. Upon leaving, I run into my husband's father and uncle, who express disappointment (father-in-law) that it had become too late because we had decided to eat rather than to shop, and he could not secure the rug and shoes he wanted so desperately. He showed me the rug he wanted to buy...a light green sculptured rug, much as a bath rug, with the trim a different color. The shoes he wanted were white and tied. The shopping mall was linked with the restaurants, and it was also closing down.
#4 This is a weird one. I am watching a heavenly golden labrador, trained as a rescue animal, and he is looking for aborted babies to transition to the other realms. The lab is being handled by one or two men.

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