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5/26/15 MAJOR ANOMALY! Chani with a Red Alert?
Eagle1, no it's not coincidence. I just couldn't stand being the nut on the forum, and was being polite. I *had to hear from you that it is what it is. This is freaky. I'm shocked it's happening on this large of a platform instead of just with a family member, one at a time! Or, just something with a friend, or something I wrote in a letter to the editor and it happened 10 yrs. later, yada yada.
This has happened a good number of times. I've told family members exactly what another member ws going to do, from a social situation to their living arrangements, and announced to the San Antone paper that I was going to homeschool my kids when I was seeking a tubal, and I am not nor was I ever a liar.

I'll hush because I could write you a paper of examples. Heck, they will come to me off and on all day if I think about this, but here just freaked me out a bit, with the botruns, but enough about me, dig this!

Months ago, some of us, with you discussed if the botrun was really talking about or to NDC. It felt very unlikely but yet again, when reading it, it seemed like it was. Maybe I exaggerate this in my memory but I don't think so.......
it is that after we talked of it publicly, it started happening more!! See?! I think this is a valid fact. now, I doubt any one of us could quickly list all of the times a botrun has done this. Now? addressing Chani directly, funning with it but really said it and yeah, call me nuts I meant it, with my history in my personal life, and it has done something very weird.

Let's talk about us all becoming wildly wealthy. I know! Three or four members go buy a lotto ticket but let's discuss it, first, and see y'all win? LOL!

MOON, what context is it in? gotta reread that, but yeah seems it came "outta the blue."

Oh. One more thing. I have to go report "dreams" in the public dream section. Yeah me, I'm not a gifted-dreamer. What a coincidence? Guess not, that last night as this botrun was being dreamed/dreamt, I was having the onslaught of spider dreams which I've mentioned here before, but not as much as the snakes.

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