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Creepy Double Rainbow
I cant stand typing on this tiny phone! Okay, my only input for this AWESOME discussion is this...just remember what the real evil is here. DOGMA is that which produces division and division is the key to their succes. Dogma creates wars, starts private central banks, makes vaccine hoaxes compelling, etc. Not that wehave to be wishywashy, but just avoid taking too strong of a stance. In othee words, dont be like me! Smile
mine says; not that he doesn't want to hear it, it is just can I change the channel for awhile, let him rest and tell him what else is happening in the world. Because he says it is disheartening to know how the people are being manipulated and used. We are all chattel to the powers that rule.
I cant talk about any of it with mine, no prophecy, no dreaming, no UFO/ET, no paranormal, no precog, no nothing
My Ex would tell me it was all my imagination. Then one day after we had been married a year, we were at this parents house and his Mom was cleaning out the garage. She found a box with his name on it from when he was in high school. Well, there sitting on the top was a book about the Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction. I just looked at him and smiled. He claimed he had NO IDEA how that book got in there and he doesn't remember ever reading it. Rolleyes
Ahh, Esholars, that's great to read. He's right, we all need a break from it at times.

Still, now we know to have your hubby on our mental prayer lists, too.

Julie, mine has gone from a tad of that, to being silent, and finally to telling me this exasperated comment I posted. It also over the years has been "MY glass is half fully, yours is half empty" or other comments about me being negative.
I am neither a pessimist or an optimist. I am a "realist" if there is such a word. Heck, I coined it for my own purposes if not.
I've seen plenty of double rainbows and I have not seen one like that. It's less a rainbow than it is a doorway that leads to another place outside our world. Whether it "just happened" or was summoned, I don't know.

I am blessed to be with someone who may not See what I see but has been with me long enough to know I do See and believes what I tell him. He is also beginning to experience "stuff" and coming into his own knowledge.

As for choosing, a friend and I call it choosing the red pill or the blue pill from the "Matrix" movies. The red pill will wake you up to your path and the blue pill will allow you to stay asleep. I also had to choose to be on the front lines or take what I call a desk job. I've never been good with desk jobs and paperwork, I came to this world to fight on behalf of this world and all who call it home.

I seldom watch or listen to the news these days because it is mostly much sound and fury, signifying nothing, as the Bard might say. It's an elaborate play to keep people occupied while the real action goes on behind the scenes.

And apropos of nothing, if I ever make a terse post saying something about my Jeep is loaded and I'm hitting the road, followed by complete silence, you'll know the excrement has definitely impacted the oscillating mechanism.

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