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5/27/15 The Dutch Jumping to conclusions
mirror anonymous specific awake had dreamt hiding backpack dreams and respect transport aug nighttime browser bike agree are directed at me. Won't go into how I know this but the words are confirmation and advice to my current situation.
Well, it is speaking to you. Maybe the kitten too then. Were you wrapping it ( like in a towel) and was it jumping?
DLP, I believe it. The cool thing is that you know you are to do what the botrun suggests.

The botrun a few days ago had instructions for what Eagle1 was to do with his upgrades/building this new site, I vaguely! recall. That was maybe where the word "mother" came into it/that part of the botrun.
(05-28-2015, 02:01 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: Well, it is speaking to you.  Maybe the kitten too then.  Were you wrapping it ( like in a towel) and was it jumping?

Yep, and he was struggling to get free. I lost my grip on him and he hopped down and scurried away to brood about the nasty turn his little life had taken(I'm forgiven, however. He's currently napping on my worktable, between the laptop and me, with his head on my arm. Big Grin )
awww DLP, blessed little kitten he is!
Didn't happen on the 28th, but since he was just a few days off on the Nepal, he gets a few more days on this one. You're right, these are some major conclusions, and they also overlap California Kevin's old dream.

Windy, you had a HUGE hit! It also carried over to the next day as well.
Yep, I agree!


However, not sure if there's enough for an official score. We'll just leave it scoreless. Nice hit!
Is "Dutch" in this and other runs, "or" in some other runs talking about Geert Wilders' decision to show Muhammed cartoons on TV in his country?! Here's the headline dated "today."
This one is interesting, the Dutch bank Wrapping up their CEO's today:

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