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Sleep Paralysis
Does anyone else experience sleep paralysis? Or have any experiences with "The Hag"?
Nope. I haven't experienced this.
I chatted with Eagle1 about it today, and he hasn't either.

I've had so many experiences with this phenomenon and I just don't accept the scientific view that is described in the article I posted. It's just TOO real. I've known a few people that have experienced it, but are disinterested enough not to explore why. They generally want to forget about it.

In particular I'd be interested in hearing about how certain cultures have viewed this phenomenon. It's documented throughout the ages, in almost every culture.

Also, if people's experiences are fear based (like mine this morning..."someone is in my house, and shouldn't be, but I can't move or do anything about it)? Or if they are message deliveries? Spirit guides? Shadow people? How the Hag appears to others. For me she has had a couple of incarnations throughout the years.

I've experienced this since I was a teenager. It's mostly a pretty scary thing. I've learned to live with it...I spose there's a voice in the back of my mind that says it's going to be okay when it's over. But I haven't found an acceptable explanation in my research that says "this is what it's about".

Anyhoodle....I'd like to say that I'm glad you guys haven't had the experience. And hope you don't!
And I hope someone else in this community has some kind of light to shed upon it.
(OH and that maybe Eagle1 might hear something about it during the conference too)

I have had it.
I was dreaming inside a dream and I could not move in the dream and when I realize I was dreaming I dreamed I woke to find I was still dreaming. Then when I did really wake up I could not move for what seem like ages. It scared the Crap out of me.
The inside dream was like this : my sister had put a spell on me that would cause me to dream of witches chasing me and I could hear her laughter. I hid in my bed and tried very hard not to move because then she would catch me and hurt me.
The outside dream was: I woke to find my sister standing over me laughing like a crazy witch and saying "that is what you get for ignoring me". Now I have to say my sister is a kind and gentle person and she is younger than I am. So I knew it was not her in my dream and that scared me stiff. I lay there paralyzed for some time after I woke. I still can hear the laughter and it still bothers me. I also looked for information and I think I found the same information you did.
I have had this experience many years ago, maybe 30-35 years. it was terrifying.
it was a horrible nightmare, but all I can remember was that in the dream I was afraid if I moved I would be killed.

my dad experienced it once around the same time. he said in his dream someone was choking him to death because he was praying. when he tried to wake he couldn't and when he finally got his eyes to open he saw a demon literally with its hands around his neck.
Yes, Xee, I will keep my eyes and ears out for this topic. Lots of dream psychologists will be there.
(06-01-2015, 08:36 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: Yes, Xee, I will keep my eyes and ears out for this topic. Lots of dream psychologists will be there.

A few times as a teenager, something chasing me up a hill but I can't move. Scared the bejeezes out of me. A few times as an adult, awake but can't move, then wake up. Nothing after me but it's still scary. Undecided
Thanks all.

Still's dad's experience and Escholar's both sound like the Old Hag. When I've had experiences with her she is a short young girl, she's wet like she came out of a swamp. Her blonde hair is tangled and in her face and she's accompanied by this loud noise, like a paper bag being crumpled but really really loud. She sits at the edge of the bed shifting her weight back and forth.

Other times, I've had shadow people in the room, and many times I've had voices in my ear, close to my ear and very loud but unintelligible.

One time I had an alien looking creature - body like a grey, eyes like a grey, but with a yellow body and a giant cheshire cat grin. I was able to sit up a bit and stared at it. Then it touched my arm and I fell to the bed not able to move. I watched it leave my room and close the door. It looked back at me once with the huge grin. When I woke up in the morning, the door was closed....I never closed it and no one else was around to close it. That was REAL. I don't think that was a hallucination like the others probably are.

dad said what he saw looked just like a gremlin from the movie gremlins - not when they are all cute and cuddly
(06-01-2015, 07:06 PM)still Wrote: dad said what he saw looked just like a gremlin from the movie gremlins - not when they are all cute and cuddly

Did you look at the link I posted? Sounds like the picture on that site.
yes. and maybe.  but...

[Image: gremlin2_zpsor1das7k.jpg]
[Image: Gremlin_zpsndieli1m.jpg]

these are small critters

So creepy!!!

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