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What's New?!
We just recently upgraded the software, so here are some new gadgets for you to peruse at your leisure.

First up, CHAT: The link for chat is towards the top of each page, but there is also a window that shows who's in the chat room at the bottom of the main forum display ( )

Second, STATS! Check out the Portal page for some cool stuff to look at.

Third, Message PREFIXES: Right now, we have two possible prefixes on each thread: PREDICTION and CAMETRUE. If you have a prediction in your dream or your post, please use the pulldown next to the title of the thread and select PREDICTION. The prediction itself should have some meat to it, including at least something specific, like WHAT, WHERE, and/or WHEN. The CAMETRUE prefix is for admin purposes. When a Prediction comes true, the Admin may change the prefix to CAMETRUE in addition to our individual tags in the posts (i.e., the #CameTrue). This is a new feature, so we'll be exploring in more depth.
OMG, everybody! There's a "Thanks" button at the bottom of every post. Sorta like a Facebook "Like" button. This will actually be tracked on the stats in the PORTAL page. If you haven't yet visited the portal page, you might want to Smile

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