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6/1/15 June Farmers
Trending: june farmer featured learning jim trail majority performance slow glad bully skull cried college relaxed rich age mon sun run able neck least learn accept aware friday accurate health interest closet wife group country email international regular send did movement
Waning: give hide earth focus castle finally tall voice fight snake saw wow time sent blood landscape police weekly dream chance wed than important present fri apartment quarters hours powerful request amazing ripped treatment dutch days

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
June is the all-star in this run, to no surprise, being that this is day #1 for June. No biggie, but it also gives us an opportunity to feel out June with the linguistics. Its not a hard and fast science, but it’s fun to see what the bot says about the various months on the first couple of days of said periods. Food will be Featured this month. Specifically, a Farmer named Jim possibly.

On a serious note, BULLY continues today, and as you might recall, he was NAILed yesterday and today the majority of people are GLAD that he CRIED.

In Group 2, I don’t like the thought of BLOOD all over the LANDSCAPE.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Windy, does SUN RUN have any significance to you? I was thinking it might be signaling some solar activity.
some major magnetic filaments have been releasing towards earth
health, dutch (chocolate), featured, group, accurate, aware

Sting Operation Shows How Full Of Crap Health Journals Are When It Comes To Dietary Studies

. Go read that entire thing, because it's absolutely fascinating, but I'll happily give you the truncated version. John Bohannon, who has a Ph.D in molecular biology of bacteria and is also a journalist, conspired with a German reporter, Peter Onneken, to see how badly they could fool the media to create BS headlines
This time Obama has absolutely gone too far
Farmers are now the bad guys.

President Obama's administration last week claimed dominion over all of America's streams, creeks, rills, ditches, brooks, rivulets, burns, tributaries, criks, wetlands - perhaps even puddles - in a sweeping move to assert unilateral federal authority.

In this group there are clearly 3 words that may not be, but could be talking of your Conference on Friday. "aware friday accurate health interest closet wife group country email international. Indeed on "friday" at the conference the "international group" is meeting. IF so...then your "health" will be good/you are going to feel good? "closet wife" of course you'll have her in your thoughts and probably lots of emails or phonecalls, texts, etc. as you give the public presentation.
Then in the waning list, there's "fri apartment quarters." Dunno but it's there so had to mention it.

LOL a bully is still being revealed, I hope. Nailed for illegal things, I hope this is saying. Tomorrow's run may get more specific, can hope.

Yeah, Group 2 is talking about Isis or some evil folks or group, and hopefully this, too will be talked of in the bot again.

"castle finally tall voice fight snake" sounds like finally! someone in our white "castle" is going to "fight" some evil/"snake." About dang time, huh? or is this what it sounds like, just some fake fight/propaganda? but, it'll be headline apparently.

A comprehensive study finds organic agriculture is more profitable for farmers than conventional agriculture.
An INTERNATIONAL study (LEARN) Of 14 COUNTRY(IES) found organic FARMER(S) make substantially more profit (RICH) than the (MAJORITY PERFORMANCE) farmers of REGULAR conventionally grown food, which TRAIL(S) behind.

Read more at:
Well, combining Esholars and TwiceBlessed, I'd say Mr. DreamBot is spot on again. Farmers are Featured in June!

I know we really don't need to show more on farmers, but I thought this article was interesting.
Hmm...."trail" and "college" in this run and today is one year later, with "trail" and "professor" in surging list today.
Dutch, this could be a reference to Dutchsinse the earthquake forecaster who as been bang on in his forecasts for awhile now...
Sure, let's go ahead and beat a dead horse. Just in case there's any doubt that farmers are indeed featured in June (this article dated just two days prior to June):

First organic fast food chain, with special consideration for local farmers....

Nice salary too!

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