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6/2/15 Void of Research
Trending: void exploration learning measure june yesterday circles eye class stream gap float setting actor meant accept teeth staying cell performance hiking remove guess dawn chosen used positive sliding mon majority week mode smile send trail enough seemingly hits bright knows
Waning: truck orange death fat wonder blood shot peace sometimes shotgun wont bridge wed bathroom position toilet definitely sad okay important featured bully animals dictionary college days teacher glad slow jim sorry fri meeting today run

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Don’t pay too much attention to the groupings….they were more oriented to me personally today. For example, in Group 2 almost sounds like a storm Cell will force the dream Hike to be cancelled on Sunday. Other than that weather, Group 3 seems to suggest that the week will be very positive (i.e., good weather?).

In other linguistics, Group 1 sounds like a Learning institution (e.g. a college) loses their research department, or something associated with research and money (or the lack of money, which is based on VOID). Or the lingo could mean that university level research is found to be totally bunk. In other words, they are not REALLY exploring but rather confirming what they think they already know. It's not real science, but rather solidifying the status quo.

Group 5 is for Nanny, who might consider Bully as Barry. The bot says that the Bully will be Sad. Nanny’s potential interpretation holds a lot of weight because this isn’t just any Bully….it will be an Important and Featured Bully. Yeah, that sounds like Barry!

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Beautiful! here's what we have on this "important bully" in three consecutive days' runs.

bully nail treatment
glad bully cried
definitely sad okay important featured bully

Dig how it's getting clearer, one day "bully cried" and next day/today we are assured "definitely sad bully" is what we have in the future. I'm very pleased with this hunch. (Any issues, nicknames or anything that have to do with "animals" in barry's "college" days? Just in case, am noting that "college" has been really close to "bully" in two of these runs if I'm not mistakened.

PS edited...."taylor has three hits" and has shown up again. We could get 3 bullies? they're so common, but one is "important" for sure. Uh huh, is in the headlines daily, I would think.

Eagle1, look at Group 2 again if it didn't get your attention. There's a special Sunday "hike" event planned at the Conference! Here's the link,
Coincidence? What's your hunch on this?

"Jim" again, close to "farmer" in that run.

Oh no, Group 4~ "peace shot?"

Group 1, well we're all exploring here at NDC, but surely this has a coming headline.

orange death fat wonder blood shot peace sometimes shotgun wont bridge
Wear Orange Day-National Gun Violence Awareness Day today.

"Orange was chosen to symbolize the value of human life and is worn as a signal that wearers do not want to be the next victim of gun violence, Khepra said. The idea comes from hunters, who wear the color to alert fellow hunters to their presence in densely wooded areas."
I think this is a #CameTrue because I don't think many knew about it and there is a lot to support it.
Just pointing out that "prison color" is in the June 3 run and that color of course is orange. Look for a cross over between the runs. Perhaps something with a prison.
Oh, gal I like this! an overlap having to do with Prison! Maybe a "bully" is headed that way, eventually, or soon.

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