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Forgiveness = "Fore"giveness? I think so, but I often forget~
To forgive another is a beautiful thing. It is not easy when we've truly been wronged. I like to sometimes notice when words give us literal hints to their meanings.

We do well to forgive someone when they indeed do something wrong to us. But, "for/fore" maybe indicates not just waiting to forgive them once they have done so. Maybe it does indicate that we would do well to keep in mind that they are capable of wronging us, they are as infallible as we ourselves are.

What if we could have this in our minds much of the time, well in the back of our minds, like expecting to be wronged by others. This could then be like an insulation, protecting us from resenting them when they do.

Yeah, to "give ahead of time" this forgiveness, to expect them to be infallible might actually save us a lot of emotional anguish. We are caught off-guard/shocked when wronged by those close to us. If we are expecting something to happen it cannot be such a shock, perhaps.

I'm just throwing this out there as food for thought. I see a goal I'd like to arrive at. I am not claiming to already have mastered it or arrived at sustained success with it. However, should I ever again give my mother-in-law the time of day, this is the frame of mind I'm going to approach her with.

This is the attitude in the back of my mind that I hope to approach my future with.
I really do not like the energy of resentment. It taints everything good. It's like a negative energy charge, very bad vibe.

For whatever it may be worth, this post is finished.
It's a shame that it's much easier said than done. But....inclined this way so I think it'll help.

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