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bad water
I saw soldiers carrying buckets of water to peoples front doors. people are forced to get their water this way. city water is turned off and everyone has to buy it from the soldiers.
To me, this dream is symbolizing water for all of our basic needs. A govt. somewhere that's determined to micro-manage citizens' lives will close supply chains, stores, turn off utilities or whatever, and then the people will have to get all of their needs directly from the govt. How else to ration and control, and of course using their military to do this.
This makes me think of a C2C show recently, Noory had a 4 hour special about strengthening the grid. They talked about the aftermath of an EMP and/or a Carrington Event type solar flare. One thing that they brought up that I'd never thought of was the water situation. It'd be shut down and even natural streams, rivers, lakes would be soiled to the point that we couldn't drink it.

It also makes me think of how they are making it illegal everywhere to collect rainwater. What is THAT about....???

Wonder where the soldiers were getting this water they were distributing....? Where were they bringing it from? Any indication in your dream?
Dang good post, XeeMaye. About it being illegal to collect rainwater. I saw that headline at but never read it. I'm assuming/hoping that this was an isolated case in just that one state.
Do you know if this is a ballooning issue in several areas?
I've seen a few things about it over the last several years. I haven't had time to research it but I think they are regulating it in several states - mainly in the west. Not cool.
As one who used to collect rain water, I would have to agree. WAY NOT COOL!
We saved rainwater in a drought maybe two decades ago. It was suggested by the authorities but we were doing it either way.

Nobody's gonna tell me on my land that I can't save what's falling on my head. LOL~

The words "I will not comply" do come to mind.

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