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Fire Drills in Heaven
This one was just too strange not to pass on.

I was being given a tour of heaven, because it was time for me to get my password for entry. At one point during the tour, a fire drill took place. I asked St. Michael about it and he said that even though there has never been a fire in heaven, there are fire drills that take place on a quarterly basis. We were standing just outside the Library of Knowledge (it was just beautiful - like a huge church with lots of stained glass window when the fire drill took place.  St. Peter sat down on the steps of the library and uttered a curse. A big booming male voice, like one coming over a PA system, said "one demerit for Peter." I turned to Michael and looked at him questioningly, he chortled, shook his head, and informed me that for every curse word you get a demerit and when you reach 100 demerits, you spend a day in hell. The he shook his head and said laughingly said "damn Catholics" indicating Peter. The male voice came over the PA system again and said "one demerit for Michael." Peter pointed at Michael and laughing said, "that'll teach you, just 2 more for you & you get to be toasty for the day." I looked at Michael & he said, "great now I'm at 98."

I then asked Michael what religion he was, since Peter was Catholic. He said that he was Episcopalian and that everyone in heaven gets to chose whatever religion they want. I asked him if it was mandatory to do so & he said no that there were lots of pagans, agnostics, atheists and even a covens witches, good ones though. I then asked him where St. Gabriel was, to which he replied, "that he was on a secret mission known only to God and Gabriel."

Michael then told me it was time to head back & I asked him about the password. He told me that it was already given to me the moment I arrived here, but because I was headed back that a block had been placed on it, but I would remember it when it was time.

My alarm went off at that moment and I woke up.

It was just a really strange dream especially since I am not the religious type at all. I haven't stepped foot inside a church in over 20 years and as a kid I was raised Greek Orthodox, so I have no idea where the Catholic St. Peter and the Episcopalian St. Michael came from. And fire drills in heaven...well that is just odd. But the Library of Knowledge was just beautiful & you could find books that held answers to any question you could ever ask or think of for that matter.

It was just a very odd dream.
Thanks for sharing your dream with us. I liked the humor and could visualize the announced demerits. Big Grin I wonder about the fire drills.
What a delightful, fun dream to have!
I suspect that those dream interpreting websites could give you some very cool clues as to why you dreamed some of the details in this dream.

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