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Red Dragon Vision
6.14.15 On my sofa at home.

This morning I sat down to do normal prayers for people and ended up in the Throne Room. I will list what I saw.

1. In the distance in what looked like the sky of Earth, I saw an angry red dragon. The head and torso and legs were red and the rest of the body was fire. It was angry and was set on doing harm.
2. Then I looked around the throne room and saw it is heavily guarded, more that usual. I was stopped by an angel guard, which was something I have NEVER experienced.
3. The energy of God was stronger than I have every seen it. The whole area felt like it was fortified for battle.
4. Jesus as always is in control, Praise God, The Great God Jehovah!
5. Then I heard: "go tell it".
Afterthoughts: Right now I am feeling the full description of the word Lamentation. I am grieving for humanity, the earth and every living breathing being that is a part of our world. In order to cope, I get my Bible out, wipe the dust off and wait for the Holy Spirit to give me something. At this point I will take anything, even one line of Scripture to calm me and put a smile back in my Spirit. I got Psalms 32 & 33. As always the Holy Spirit knows what I need.
Don't force it, Julie. The next 'good' wave will come. In fact, some experts would argue that by trying to force your way into better spirits, it can prolong the bad stuff. All conjecture, of course. I grieve for humanity as well. I also sometimes roll my eyes at humanity. At other times, I find myself proud of humanity, as strange as that might seem. Smile I've found that deeply feeling each different wave, it brings a much more fulfilling and colorful experience. Doesn't work for everyone though, so take with a grain of salt.
Julie, we are entering the last of the labor pains of this next age, the one where this Red Dragon is cast into the bottomless pit and then into Hell after heaven-on-earth.

It's in Revelations 12 and the dragon is indeed the red one---the mother of all dragons.

We grieve and don't lose hope, and yet this dragon has been written about for thousands of years and known since the founding of the earth, or earlier.

I grieve for all of us that we are indeed in "the best of times, the worst of times," each of us chosen to be here for this time, but yeah.....the ones to suffer unlike any other. Yet, our rewards are stated as fantabulous.

I'm sorry you had to see this with your minds' eye! OMgosh I would never think casually of something like this that I haven't had to witness.
God bless and be with you every moment today, and always, and I mean within you especially.
Thank you Eagle 1 and Nanny.
That is a good point Windy. There is 4 months of food left on the space station. I think the next resupply mission is July third. Remember when we didn't think twice about a resupply mission?
I can't help how crazy this may sound. My vibe is that someone or some "thing" does not want the USA to be successful in well, anything! It's insulting enough that our space program has been neutered, with us riding piggy-back with a nation that is our enemy, Russia. Now....the vibe is that somehow the USA is being repeatedly slapped-down, unable to even have the pride of getting supplies into space.

Yeah, could be something in the spiritual realm doing this but then I am open to it being sabotage on the ground, too.

Then, what comes to mind is something Dames reported a couple of years ago. He said that one of the markers that the solar flare killshot or shots were very close would be that the, he/they thought back then...the ships we had going into space...that series of them....that one of them, the last one? would have to make an emergency landing back on earth because of a powerful comet shower, I think he said.

What if..............what if this is the marker? But wait, the space station can't return to earth, can it?? Four months is not very long, those poor folks on the thing. This is entering emergency territory, I would think. The planning of getting a supply ship up is not a simple fix.

Any word how soon another one is supposed to try going?
Unmanned space station rocket Antares explodes at liftoff
Sanden Totten | AP with KPCC October 28 2014

NASA spokesman Rob Navias said there was nothing urgently needed by the space station crew on that flight. In fact, the Russian Space Agency was proceeding with its own supply run on Wednesday.
Humanity is asking for trouble if they persist in trying to manipulate or damage the Universe.
I am sitting here at work minding my own business trying to concentrate on my daily work. I am trying to not think about things I have seen that may or may not come to pass. THEN, right there on my computer screen I see a small picture of scales of what looks like the body of a reptile. So of course I think of the dragon vision. Jeeze! When that dang thing blew up, I thought that would be then end of it. Have the strong impression to post here that the Dragon is still alive.
Windy, this is 2nd flight of back to back missions to resupply the Space Station to fail. In April, a Russian Supply craft failed and crashed back to Earth.That brings the total to 3 failed/lost supply missions in 8 months.
Apparently there were 5 Space Station suppliers. The European one finished it's final run this past winter.
"NASA contracts with two private companies — SpaceX and Orbital Sciences Corporation — to carry out its resupply missions. But Orbital's rocket exploded on the launch pad in October, and its missions have been put on hold since. NASA says the company plans to resume missions later this year, but an exact date isn't yet set." Space X is now on hold."
This leaves only Japanese and Russian supply mission options right now. They went from 5 mission suppliers to 2 mission suppliers in 8 months. WOW!

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