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Russia. Great Britain and ?? 6-19-15
In my dream was a dead tree with one large branch extending to the right. On the main trunk of the tree was a bear with a large dark blond to tan colored very long haired leopard type cat with no spots. The bear kept antagonizing the cat by lunging toward it and actually pushing it's face into the face of the cat. The cat did not react to the provocations of the bear so after a time the bear slid down the tree several feat to reveal a male African Lion. With it's front paws the lion was holding down the front feet of the leopard like cat.

I told my wife and she thought the bear could be Russia and the lion Great Britain, we have no idea what the other cat would be. I mentioned this dream to another man who interoperates dreams and he thought it might be an end of conflict or resolution. The dream didn't feel like it was an end of resolution or conflict but I can't say for sure that it wasn't.
Leopards might be most common in Africa. Maybe this is a conflict in or for some African territory. Also, one of my family members dreamed of several big bears that were gladly transporting the power elite through a parade. She interpreted it to mean that the powers-that-be will have a new platform with which to control the world.....that new platform will be Russia.

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