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6/28/15 The Controlling Senators and another Hail Mary
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<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Another humdinger of a run with more hints about world-ending events. First, “Sen” is an abbreviation for Senator. Thus, “Senator(s) Controlling Buddy Rescue.” I’m not impressed with that statement because it so expected that CONgress will bail out the next big bank or corporation.

I’m interested in MARY because there’s also MARIA and SISTER. It’s a developing meme, and so far we’ve identified vaccines (Mary’s Monkey) and the archetype of the Mother Mary (Holy Mary = Ave Maria). I think it’s now official that really look hard at this meme, maybe even to the point of incubating some dreams about it. If Taylor has anything to say about it, we might be looking at 6 weeks from now…a big Mary/Maria story. If anything I believe this will be a world headline, and not something that will just be in America. The reason I say this is because we have to translations of that name in several of our bot runs.

And the biggie: Amazing Signs Universal Dawn. ‘nuff said.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

learning, technique, medical, personal, signs, job,

Watson's Next Feat? Taking on Cancer
Story by Ariana Eunjung Cha
Published on June 27, 2015

"IBM is now training Watson to be a cancer specialist. The idea is to use Watson’s increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence to find personalized treatments for every cancer patient by comparing disease and treatment histories, genetic data, scans and symptoms against the vast universe of medical knowledge."

"Such precision targeting is possible to a limited extent, but it can take weeks of dedicated sleuthing by a team of researchers. Watson would be able to make this type of treatment recommendation in mere minutes."
"It can take weeks of dedicated sleuthing...."

How about more like YEARS of dedicated sleuthing? As long as it works, why not?
Consider putting lady (as in Our Lady Of...) with sister Mary and Maria.  Look for news...or possible threat regarding churches and convents.
otherwise kill scared wrote cheering created english threat same understand spoke
We have had mum and centre in the recent past few days and I wrote previously that this was telling us something regarding The UK or ( other British/ English country like Canada) since center was also listed in that previous thread (American English). Now ENGLISH THREAT is listed together.
Pay attention to this.  It appears to be telling  of a threat to Britain (or perhaps the Queen...she is the head of the Church of England.  It is a stretch, but maybe she is our Mary/Maria in metaphor speak? If we tie the previous MUM and Centre into what is listed here, she is England's mom and the centre of the country.
SO Look for Big British news.  Look for possible big Queen British news.
Likely not good news.
WOW, Twice! I had not read your comments before assembling today's run, which is here:

Not only is Queen Elizabeth the queen of england and the head of the church of england, but she's also the Queen of Australia, which is what today's run implied. So yes, I agree that something big is coming for "Big British news."
You know, I am also going to put out there that The QE2 and QM2 are sister Cunard"Queen" ships and we have rescue next to Mary. Demon Count is next to that.
Maybe we should also be looking in the future for boat/ship references as well. ( I sure hope not because it seems like we have plenty of "stuff" happening in the near future already.

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