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Horse archetype is rising
Very suddenly, the word Horse is rising collectively in the dreams. Here's a snippet of one possible meaning/interpretation:

"The psychologist C G Jung links the Mother archetype with the Horse:

'Mother' is an archetype and refers to the place of origin, to nature … to  substance and matter, to materiality and the womb

It also means the unconscious, our natural and instinctive life, the physiological realm, the body in which we dwell

'Horse' is an archetype that is widely current in mythology and folklore. As an animal it represents the non-human psyche, the subhuman, animal side, the unconscious. That is why horses in folklore sometimes see visions, hear voices, and speak. As a beast of burden it is related to the 'mother' archetype

It is evident, then, that 'horse' is an equivalent of 'mother' with a slight shift of meaning. 

                                                                             (from The Practical Use of Dream Analysis) "

Recent links where Horse showed up (please add new replies for further recent Horses):
Recent Dreambot runs with the word horse.
To go with your  unconscious horse post Eagle, we have the subconscious horse in yesterday's bot run.
6-29-15- climbed bowl subconscious horse shapes palace tree pillow controlling involved closet funny number first queen australia falls saturday
6-30-15-great figured memory forest amazing bowl grew horse stable noise security ancient stranger design inner fireworks
6-16-15-snake wild skating loved horse fri
6-5-15- posture fog horse understanding fix class adopted sea handed view
           (this horse was associated with the triple crown winner)
From A Dictionary of Symbols by Cirlot, Jung also recognized that 'horse' is a symbol pertaining to man's baser forces, and also to water, which explains why the horse is associated with Pluto and Neptune.

As an aside, in the past, horses have also been associated with Mars and war.

Just my loonie's worth..... :-)
Windy, your Air- Force -One pilot dream had Snickers in it. The Snickers bar was named after a HORSE.
If it is a location, this link might be interesting.
A few weeks ago, this prediction was made and it seemed to be about Tennessee.
Julie received PEGASUS in her warehouse explosion dream:


" The ancient sign of the new millennium and new consciousness. It has made it's appearance just as predicted thousands of years ago."

FINALLY some good news! New Consciousness is one of the rare things that can turn this world around. In fact, without it, forget it. Please, let's hope that Horse = Pegasus!
Unfortunately, this might be our Horse meme.
A War Horse after 1 or 2 VERY bad 4th of July events.
Let's hope not!
God Bless everyone. Stay safe.
Oh you've got to be kidding me. That is NOT the horse I wanted coming out. I say NO to war!


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