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7/1/15 Welcome to July: Failure will be Epic
Trending: july bookstore tennis revisit infection fail repeat brain sucks traffic tuesday failure epic trunk outfit bill violent wild currently presentation weak wall cover sliding must worth panic now audience bliss however curtain elsewhere darkness food beyond moon line result built
Waning: wife sea perfect memory death fear wish glasses hospital garage lights numbers hey test love bonus bought four barry shared wed sent husband june shifting amazing fireworks shoes monster apocalypse awake ancient dogs bowl congratulations

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Well, here it is, the long-awaited July 2015. This run certainly doesn’t disappoint, with a HUGE jump in positive surge scores overall. Granted, the fact that “July” surged is definitely within the category of ‘normal.’ Will anything huge happen in this month? Will we finally get the explanation of why dreamers were dreaming of 2015 so far in advance (like last Fall)?

When I group linguistics together, it doesn’t mean that these are the predictive phrases. Instead, it is my way of identifying the words and phrases that stick out to me personally. Statistically speaking, not all of these phrases will come true; that is one thing we definitely know to be true. However also statistically speaking, at least one part of this run WILL come true, with striking accuracy. Let’s hit the highlights now:

Group 1: A brain-related infection/virus/bacteria may revisit but will FAIL.
Group 2: An epic failure is coming
Group 3: What I see is an anti-gun bill that in its current state looks very weak.
Group 4: The veil is deteriorating; the illusionary economic wall covering is sliding down….it’s worth a PANIC NOW.
Group 5: Self-explanatory
Group 6: News comes out about Barry’s HUSBAND, which sends amazing fireworks
Group 7: Couldn’t resist: A Monster Apocalypse!

Other than Love, I don’t see anything positive about this run. Let’s see how July unfolds and we can see how much positivity results. Buckle the seat belts….this could be a bumpy ride!

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Windy found a news article that directly confirms Group 1. Link:

Keep in mind that the lingo says that this [planned event] will FAIL!
wasn't Reggie Love supposedly Obama's lover? Is he writing a tell all? Remember when it was suggested by a photo of O with a college classmate that he already was married to the guy?
remember this?

Is Barack Obama Gay?

maybe there will be breaking news soon.
Not only will we fail, but the failure will be epic.
Oh, yea!
Esholars: I think this whole topic of gay president is one of those things that everyone just already knows and we will get no more confirmation than the drowning level of evidence that is already out there. A bombshell news story coming out? There's already abundant articles out there that all bombshells. Sure, why not another? Smile
I wonder. Could Bookstore and Fail mean Barnes and Noble will declare bankruptcy? There has been talk for years that their days are numbered.
You know, I actually had a bookstore dream 2 nights ago. I guess I better go enter it.
Twice: Thank you for covering the obvious questions that I simply glossed over. Bookstore near the top should be raising some eyebrows. The collective unconscious is concerned about bookstores or finding the right book, or desiring to read, or something like that. OR, like you said, a big headline is forthcoming. In my humble opinion, B&N bankruptcy is just a matter of time.
It is only one word, but it is Wimbledon time. One word is all you need right? Oh, there was an "event" on the court today. I guess it is super hot in the UK right now, hottest July day ever and it is only the 1st of July. In fact over much of Europe. it is very hot. Athens was around 104, yikes!

Anyway, a ball boy passed out in the heat and had to be taken to the hospital.
More tennis and Epic failure ( or win if you are an underdog fan )
2 x Wimbledon Champion stunningly defeated by player ranked 102.
(07-01-2015, 04:49 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: Tennis
It is only one word, but it is Wimbledon time.  One word is all you need right?  Oh, there was an "event" on the court today.  I guess it is super hot in the UK right now, hottest July day ever and it is only the 1st of July.  In fact over much of Europe. it is very hot. Athens was around 104, yikes!

Anyway, a ball boy passed out in the heat and had to be taken to the hospital.
Twice, check the other lingo: FAIL REPEAT! The ex-champion FAILed to REPEAT another championship. Holy cow, this rocks. #CameTrue
I am not sure why we never covered this in June because we sure had obvious runs for it.
Women's World Cup Soccer
Anyway, I saw bowl congratulations in this run and I think that is for the World Cup Final Game happening this Sunday, the fifth of July.  Let's hope apocalypse is not part of that event.

In total metaphoric fashion, notice dogs before the word bowl?  Well, dogs can refer to feet.  ( as in "my dogs are tired").  So it could be a FOOT reference.  AKA FOOTBALL.
Here are the other soccer runs we have had. The first is more about England.  The second about the US team. The links to the dreambot runs will help explain more.

Trending: soccer ufos stars practicing gloves rainbow forgotten lift flying shoot transition fictional request gab impossible sweet folks watched sent sea task tree jeans been meet weight close haunted gravity climb far powers doing basic classroom current complete second dream perhaps
Waning: knife quickly thank darkness cut okay awake daughter bus giving sun wed flight vivid important elevator fri ever question lucid ill beach glad shop hide four fix thanks fighting boat expect listen creature relationship involving

Trending: congratulations heh flag married camping share york days monster unfortunately cop vacation under tab climb owner bought view fri papers pet lift mansion office who public military bizarre nice one balcony stress game drive meet got job gloves indian throughout
Waning: important friday ufos fun circles mad type short skin sick giants son mom hole scared flight forgotten flying memory god soccer daughter eye transition thanks congrats mon gold watched weight dreamer void wild basic stars
They are nicknamed The Stars
I predict they will win based on the word gold, though that might just mean they are headed to the final "goldlike" round.
elsewhere darkness food beyond moon line result built
“A Moon village shouldn’t just mean some houses, a church and a town hall,” says Woerner. “This Moon village should mean partners from all over the world contributing to this community with robotic and astronaut missions and support communication satellites.”
There are good reasons, he says, for going back to the Moon for science as well as using it a stepping-stone to further human exploration of the Solar System.
“The far side of the Moon is very interesting because we could have telescopes looking deep into the Universe, we could do lunar science on the Moon and the international aspect is very special,” he explains. “The Americans are looking to go to Mars very soon – and I don’t see how we can do that – before going to Mars we should test what we could do on Mars on the Moon.”
revisit infection fail repeat brain sucks
US health officials have confirmed the presence of a 'brain-eating' amoeba in the water supply of several communities near New Orleans. This is the second time in two years that the amoeba has been discovered outside New Orleans.
That, Twice, that hit is spectacular (but at the same time, scary). The article is a perfect match to the lingo, and eventually we will see the rest of what I interpreted in the original interpretation: It will eventually FAIL. Thus, this is a confirmed #CameTrue with a lot of fanfare. Great job!

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