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10/14/14 July 4, 2015? + Africa & Fake Virus (Duh)
Cutting to the chase: Today's run has words that don't belong in here. When a new month starts, it's obviously common to see that new month pop up momentarily. However, what about a situation where in the middle of the new month, we see the sudden rise of another month that occurred 3 months earlier? Answer: I don't know because it's never happened before.

However, check out grouping #1 and pay attention to the first word and last word of that pairing. We see July and Saturday. Notice that the same thing about July can be said about Saturday. It's showing up exactly when it should NOT be showing up! So I scrolled forward to July 2015, and noticed that July 4, 2015 just happens to fall on a Saturday.

Is this just noise-level ? Just weird chaotic combinations in the linguistics, or is the collective seeing a huge event coming way out on the horizon? This is something our P1 dream team would love to vet. Not sure if they have other pressing missions in between that, but it would be interesting what dream incubations would net us.

The DreamBot really wants to hammer home something that I think we already have a good handle on. Grouping 2 says, "Entry fake virus count forced"   (Duh)


Plain text:
10/14/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

crappy    105.2%    1100.0%
chaser    96.9%    1100.0%
tales    83.7%    1100.0%
generous    91.7%    1000.0%
escaping    67.2%    1000.0%
july    61.2%    1000.0%
robot    54.8%    900.0%
transfer    83.3%    600.0%
resort    157.8%    360.0%
africa    126.2%    325.0%
saturday    189.1%    271.4%
shark    51.6%    250.0%
entry    54.4%    220.0%
fake    244.4%    200.0%
virus    127.7%    200.0%
count    97.8%    200.0%
forced    119.7%    183.3%
drunk    88.0%    183.3%
monday    99.6%    180.0%
childhood    166.6%    146.2%
viewing    199.1%    133.3%
wish    73.3%    125.0%
cards    53.5%    120.0%
kiss    134.8%    112.5%
university    114.7%    92.9%
mountain    56.9%    85.7%
robots    109.5%    77.8%
shower    87.1%    64.3%
Welcome to P2, NADW! Smile  The words you suggest are already in the list, but not enough dreamers have dreamed those words to accelerate those in the DreamBot4. WHY haven't they? Well, we have mind games happening at a collective level. Some of what you see is that which is programmed in us. DreamBots are a great way to expose the programming, and is exactly the reason why we have a P2 help sway the collective mind toward manifesting a more beneficial future (which would first start showing up in our dream linguistics).

Then, of course, we have non-programmed tidbits of the future in accordance with C.G. Jung's work, and we also have a little bit of sheer randomness in the dreams.

ALSO (a big footstomper here): even if we have individual negative words, sometimes when we combine them together, it actually makes a positive impression. The opposite also happens.

Finally, I've noticed that the positive/negative trend does seem to be very cyclic, and it doesn't bounce back and forth daily. Instead it goes negative for about a week or two, and then it swings the other way. Keep in mind with ebola smuthering us with fear porn, I fully expected the runs to turn negative, and that is exactly what has happened.

But love and joy will swing back into favor, and when it does, don't thank CNN or Foxnews.
Steve Quayle was on coast to coast or ? Recently and talked about how the disease was not ebola. Not 100% sure it was Steve or coast. Don't really follow either.

In addition he stated that while not a true airborne disease, touching an infected surface is a problem and it can last for days under the right conditions

Oct 6 - growing robots
Oct 12 - unexpected robots
Oct 14 - robot transfer resort Africa, university mountain robot

There are no dreams in the NDC DreamBase about robots that I can find.........

Perhaps Liberia will get two robots in time for Christmas Smile
The word 'robot' first showed up in the DreamBot on October 6.
250 hospitals in the US actually have this machine, including the one in Dallas where Duncan died.
Two robots have been sent to West Africa, maybe. Oct 10 news claims they are still headed there.
Aug 6 -
Aug 19 -
Aug 28 -
Oct 2 -
Oct 6 -
Oct 7 -
Oct 9 -
Oct 10 -

I had this dream about July 15 -

September 2/3, 2014 – ‘flight, continuum, supervisor’
I wanted to intend only 'flight continuum supervisor' but July 2015 kept getting in the way. The vision was hazy, like fog. I saw a man wearing white coveralls fueling small aircraft. There was more than one plane on the ground but have no idea how many. It seemed like quite a few.
Amazing compilation, Sherriann! Thank you.

It really goes to show why robots is so frequent in the dreams. This one is likely to be largely day residue, but it's also is naturally attempting to make things easier, and so more and more robots. Don't even need a conspiracy for this one!  Smile
Wow, having a deja vu cuz I typed here to reply to this bot run. Must've been hours ago, before the phone rang six or so times, and I spent much of the day on the phone, both business and with family. Weird to come here and at first think my post had gone "poof."

I remember this morning as I read this, that yes! to July 4th of next year was what made sense. It's that the subversive ones in power administer headgames, mindgames of symbolism any and every way they can. They even use what I have read online this year, was taught by Russians in the first of last century, called "Psychopolitics." Part of that large program is headgames.

Sorry to repeat myself! Whatever type of event that could restrict our freedoms, be it martial law or anything that's blatantly the opposite of freedom, is likely to be orchestrated by them on July 4th.

Those first five terms are quite fascinating. "Chaser" and "escaping" go together so obviously, hmmm....tale? Dangit, I'm supposed to think in often symbolic terms while I want to be literal, LOL.

"fake virus" doesn't get any better than this. Hmmm....
Shark, actually first posted Oct 8th.

10/16/2014 interesting.

study by the University of Rochester Medical Centre
By Keith Perry
4:01PM BST 16 Oct 2014
Male brains wired to ignore food in favour of sex, study shows
10/16/2014 :Witch
Published: 2 hours ago
Bob Unruh

Sermon fight in U.S. city: 'Send the witch a Bible
10/16/2014 +2
By Fred Barnes
Published Oct. 16, 2014

Fakery of a High Order: The Dems' strategy a time-out
10/16/2014 +2

Red Eye': Is new technology breeding robot stalkers?

Oct. 16, 2014 - 3:46 - Robots on wheels assist humans
(10-16-2014, 02:30 PM)esholars Wrote: 10/16/2014   +2

Red Eye': Is new technology breeding robot stalkers?

Oct. 16, 2014 - 3:46 - Robots on wheels assist humans

But of course, how silly of us.

For a long while one top secret weapon used in hunting taliban was the use nano particles which were RFID capable, so that a
shell could be dropped over an enemy position and then the particles would attach themselves to the talibans clothes. Unknown
to them, these particles could then be picked up when an energy frequency was employed that reflected a signature wave back
to the receiver, and then the Taliban fighters could be tracked down one by one.
I have to share this because every time I think of something to search about CERN, the dang thing exists! I searched "CERN robots" and here ya go.....

But it gets better..."train" was in more than one bot run, but I recall one just a couple of days ago that's gotten two hits already, I think. Here ya "TIM" and talk of a CERN "train" and mention of robot descendants. TIM must be a robot, too. It's getting late and I know I need to be rested to not make a mess of this.
Ah, maybe the bot run was saying that the in July, the robot would be transferred to Africa. Probably that old gold mine we found earlier that was owned/operated by Rand / CERN?
Ooh..."july transfer resort africa" you're right, maybe it is!
I'm thinking that the real July story is just now coming out.

"crappy chaser tales generous escaping july"
"entry fake virus count forced"

Basics of the story that you will NEVER hear on lamestream news is this: Florida puts a bill up for vote that will require all school kids to have mandatory vaccines. About a month later, apparently before the bill is voted upon (timing here is iffy in my memory), but in JULY 2015, several alternative doctors are found DEAD in Florida, with three more gone missing.

It just so happens that one of the doctors who died, just happened to have had an autistic son and spent every waking hour researching autism and vaccines. He apparently just finalized some proof that vaccines ARE indeed connected to autism and specifically mentions how the knowledge of his research not only explains the causation, but also offers a workable cure for autism.

Except he now has a bullet hole in his chest, and was found floating in the river.

Apparently, he found that autism included a heavy concentration of VIRUSes in the brain and other locations that didn't show up in non-autistic kids. Scarey stuff for sure, if the all the connections here are accurate. Two main links so far:

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