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7/4/15 Raise your glasses to HOPE
Trending: toast hope painting hundred layout combat visiting consider spreading curious astral yep strongly writing unlikely perform mutual dreamer exist wolf sometimes apartment awareness stay think son version session mind bowl issue separated surprised closely observe events carry life moving world
Waning: glass carried upstairs hospital snow potter yard cool showed hot strip henry snakes wild crying guide up saved jesus challenge daughter mon gay exercise shifting wood string vibrations repeat aspect god snake interesting fail horse

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Nope. No fireworks, no barbeque, no holiday, no travel; there is really nothing in this run that feels like July 4th. In fact, quite the opposite overall.

Let’s begin at the top. I believe that normally toasts aren’t made on unrealistic expectations. Sure there are minor exceptions, but my point is that a typical formal toast is normally associated with an expectation that the wish being spoken has at least a moderate chance of coming true. Otherwise, the person giving the toast looks like a complete fool. That is why I like the first two words in our run. The collective dreamers apparently see HOPE as a real possibility despite what looks like abysmal world events unfolding.

Conversely, Group 2 is ominous. Instead of our standard exporting of war, it looks like Combat is Visiting us! Not good, but remember there is Hope.

We also have a lone Wolf in the lineup (probably because we have been inundated with warnings from the FBI about lone wolf attacks on July 4th).

Lastly, I haven’t been paying attention to Snakes and Snake apparently rising and falling together, which doesn’t bode well for those who claim that dream linguistics is completely random and haphazard. But getting back to SNAKE(S), realize that these two words bracket both Jesus and God in this run! Wow, we’ve got ourselves a holy war on our hands.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Possible snake explanation if this open-minded NASA scientist is right about his hypothesis.

"We are living in a hologram designed by aliens."
That must be why I walked out of The Matrix movie and never attempted to watch it or any of the Matrix movies. Tongue
exercise shifting wood string vibrations repeat = repeated vibrations or reverberations- this reminds me of musicians playing string instruments, maybe an orchestra.  Or perhaps something that happens which causes reverberations around the world.

(bowl) issue separated surprised closely observe events carry life moving world- this is a fluid sentence. Are we the ones who are being told to closely observe life carry(ing) events moving the world? I don't know what bowl means here and it has been in many runs.  Could it mean a "strike" of some sort? Or is it related to a bowl as in a place musicians play like the Hollywood Bowl?

awareness, think and mind -these are related words.  Is this what we are supposed to do with the life carry(ing)events moving the world?

potter yard = potter's field?  That would be a term for a burial place for indigent people.

snow potter yard cool showed hot strip -weather related words.  Additionally, perhaps Hot Strip= Vegas?  Is it a radioactive strip of land? Are the weather terms showing extremes and thus causing death in Potter's fields?

We could have an entire post just on repeat aspect God.  Add in snake and it could be an entirely new page of posts.

There is sooooooo much more to talk about here.
07-04-15: closely observe events carry[ing] life moving world

Found at:

The facts on 7-6-15: “Paris (AFP) – Astronomers proposed a novel explanation Monday for the strange appearance of the comet carrying Europe’s robot probe Philae through outer space: alien microscopic life.
Many of the frozen dust ball’s features, which include a black crust over lakes of ice, flat-bottomed craters and mega-boulders scattered on the surface, were “consistent” with the presence of microbes, they said.
Observations by the European Space Agency’s Rosetta comet orbiter has shown that 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko “is not to be seen as a deep-frozen inactive body, but supports geological processes,” Max Wallis of the University of Cardiff said in a statement issued by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).”
Quoted news:

Also around the same time: “After a computer glitch Saturday that briefly knocked NASA’s Pluto-bound New Horizons probe offline the spacecraft is out of “safe mode” and ready to resume normal science operations Tuesday, just one week before the spacecraft’s historic flyby of the dwarf planet and its large moon Charon, mission managers said Monday.” Quoted by:
spreading, strongly, shifting, hundred(s)

Ancient huts may reveal clues to Earth's magnetic pole reversals

By Sarah LewinPublished July 28, 2015

"The fiery demise of ancient huts in southern Africa 1,000 years ago left clues to understanding a bizarre weak spot in the Earth's magnetic field — and the role it plays in the magnetic poles' periodic reversals."

"Some have postulated that the Earth's magnetic field is leaking out the wrong way at that particular spot," Rory Cottrell, a geologist also at the University of Rochester and co-author of the new paper, told "One theory is that changes in the South Atlantic Anomaly could be responsible for the decrease in the overall magnetic field that we're seeing, because these patches are growing or changing over time."
Great read. .....and from Fox? I'm shocked!

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