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Project Independence Day - 2 dreams and one vision
The past several nights I have been incubating for Project Independence Day.  I have very little experience with this but here goes:
Dream 1:  Giant squid / alien.   Dream:  July 2
This one is very strange.  Somebody has a big tub filled with a liquid.  They add these little eggs or larvae and the beings start growing.  They get bigger and bigger, are slimy and long.  They look like giant squid growing as long as 8 feet and start spilling out of the tub.  They are not alive and the person conducting the experiment (or whatever) is commenting on how they are a novelty and not real.  They have heads that look like the typical 'grey' alien with the eyes etc.  All are dead looking.

Dream 2:  Sniper over a crowd   Dream:  July 2
I am in a urban city square - similar to Union Sq in San Francisco but I find out it is not SF and not NYC.  There is a crowd and they seem festive but also maybe political undertones.  There is good security present.  The law enforcement is alerted to a sniper over the crowd.  I am part of the security detail and find out what building the sniper is on.  It is a white/beige skyscraper maybe 20FL high, with tiers every so many floors.  The OIC of the security detail is speaking and has an accent.  At first I am thinking maybe I am in London which makes sense to me because there is a strong west european feel but then I am told it is a very thick 'Bahston' accent so we are in Boston?

I am now in a stairwell 1 floor below the sniper.  I start ascending the stairs and my vest/jacket rubs the concrete wall.  The sniper hears it and turns, trains his rifle on me.  I'm thinking I am toast so I quickly pivot and in desperation grab the barrel of the rifle and start struggling with him.  Something about the safety, no shots get fired.  Backup arrives and I am able to get him on the ground on the landing.  I really want to stomp this guy while he was down but I have a tac team on us.  He is cuffed and I am disengaged and sit aside.  The dream ends.

Vision during meditation:  Nuke at 4th celebration Meditation July 3
Pretty sure this is NYC.  People are along the banks/promenade of the river watching the 4th fireworks.  In the background about a mile or two behind the fireworks (presumably over Brooklyn because I felt the crowd was watching from Manhattan over the east river?) the crowd sees a nuke go off and the mushroom cloud going up.  The intent is for this attack to take place on Independence Day with millions watching.  People are stunned and go into shock.

Important note: In the dream about the sniper I wrote in my notes when the alert of the sniper came over the radio, the suspect was described as Pakistani.
Wow, Dan (if I may truncate your username Smile )! This is excellent stuff and I very much appreciate you inputting the dreams!

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