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Large Explosion on U.S. Air Force Base Forces Evacuation
I was working at a large U.S. Air Force base, unclear where although all my co-workers appeared to be Americans. I was under the impression that most of my co-workers were civilians, although we were all wearing dark military jump suits, I think olive drab although perhaps navy. (The uniforms looked like this: We were in the middle of a work discussion when we heard an explosion and we ran outside to investigate. Off in the distance, perhaps 1-2 miles away, yet still on the base, we could see a fire, and it was located by the military planes. The flames enlarged, turned into a fireball, and began to roll out and away, and the base sirens went on, but with a different tone than I expected. Some military co-workers yelled that it was an evacuation alarm and we turned around and all began to run to an air strip in the other direction, perhaps a half mile away. This srip had perhaps 8-10 different Air Force planes around it, more mid-size, some smaller. We were not sure which plane to go to until one of the airman running with us pointed to a plane and said he could fly that one so that's where we went. Someone pushed a rolling staircase up to the plane and we began to load up. The weather was clear and sunny, temperature mild. The entire area I observed was flat and devoid of vegetation.
JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM, Hawaii - A C-17 Globemaster III cargo plane and crew from the Hawaii Air National Guard evacuated more than 125 Department of Defense members from Wake Island, July 14, 2015.

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