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Iris, your explosive fire/ stock market dream is happening now o
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This dream/ prediction for Iris is astonishingly accurate.
While the crash isn't caused by the fire, they are both happening as we speak.
This is way incredible lady!

So, NDC, what happens next with the global economy? China is tanking and Europe decides Greece this week.
I would expect incrementally more market manipulation, especially here in the States. Personally, I see the Chinese markets as a manipulated crisis just like the dissolving of the Soviet Union. All these big market trends are most likely a result of economic warfare. The aforementioned breakup of the USSR was specifically planned by the Reagan-era economic hitmen and the so-called "Plunge Protection Team."

We didn't get our July 4th Fireworks as the linguistics expected, but I think the world is ablaze and could end up being quite a show this July.
The really worrying financial crisis is happening in China, not Greece
By Jeremy Warner
12:25PM BST 08 Jul 2015

"I don’t buy it. Indeed, I can see very little evidence for China’s technocratic elite having things under control. The firebreaks that China put in place over the weekend to mitigate the panic are, in practice, not much different from those applied during the Great Crash of 1929, only this time it’s public rather than private money that promises to quell the fire. They failed spectacularly in 1929"

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