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Black Wolves Attack
I was travelling through open country with many others, with wagons pulled by oxen.  I was on horseback and as I watched one of the wagons pulled by 8 or more oxen hit a bumpy spot, the wagon overturned, and a few of the oxen pulling the wagon fell to the ground, injured.  Several black wolves suddenly appeared and attacked the fallen animals.  Suddenly I was on the ground as well and several companions came to my rescue as the black wolves noticed me and started to approach.

I was hesitant to post this dream as it seemed rather meaningless, but then I searched 'black wolf', and it seems to have significant symbolic meaning.  Here's a link:

[Image: Black+Wolf.jpg]

I am quite interested in learning of possible interpretations of this dream.
possible hit: 'lone wolf attack' in the news, although I dreamed of several wolves

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