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April in July? Why?
I decided to start an April Meme because that word has been popping up quite often in the dream-botruns recently.  Maybe we can use this meme to discuss whether we seen anything of interest or importance in the runs with April recently.

Here are all of the April botruns I found from the second week of May through July 14th 2015.  It is understandable to have some May bot runs with “April” in them because it might be residual “stuff” from the previous month.  It is interesting however, that April is present so deep into May (the 19th).  It doesn’t make sense that April is already listed  5 times in July  and the month is only halfway over.

April may be a name or a month or perhaps relates to the origin of the word. The origin is listed below.

“Though April’s derivation is not certain, a common theory is that the name is rooted in the Latin Aprilis which is derived from the Latin aperire meaning “to open” – perhaps a reference to the opening or blossoming of flowers and trees, a common occurrence throughout the month of April. Another theory holds that since months are often named for gods and goddess and since Aphrilis is derived from the Greek “Aphrodite,” one can surmise that the month was named for the Greek goddess of love, whom the Romans called Venus.
Around the 5th century AD, the Anglo-Saxons referred to the month of April as Oster-monath or Eostre-monath, a reference to the goddess Eostre, whose feast occurred during this month. The Venerable Bede, a monk from the Northumbrian monastery of Saint Peter, believed this gave root to the word Easter – most often observed during the month of April.”

Dreambot-runs with the word April.

5-07-15-DOWN Words:   focus save super sometimes girlfriend sun april corner speaking hide important garden enough woman weekly snow interesting arm war roof blank teeth love wild request thanks met monster journal test sent hope shared invited mon

5-08-15- Down Words:  song wild parts become dogs important style putting crush save definitely hospital mirror laying spoiler monster aware experiment tall center often smile bedtime april maybe meditation paint vision consciousness position failed today eye class series

5-09-15- Down Words-  shop crush accidentally nap blank meditation height fight april spirit smaller notice hide step hospital chair woods fighting hours series reality extremely bones ram plan resume cream represent elevator virtual promotion spy henry yesterday ron

5-10-15-DOWN Words:   animals flight explain hug doll adventure kiss sometimes college yesterday plane sun pushed nice flew desk van april giant lucid joining spirit character chair mountain smoking heres dreamer boss feather roof lake wow theory class

5-11-15- Waning:   actual dad present 2015 meeting somewhat yes super died style april filled race figure mirror vision smile hallway wed child clouds than colors holding daughter dancing dawn sex attractive congrats longest class ghosts demon exploration

5-12-15- Waning:   sad couch wonder yesterday path important younger sick trip flew needs wild wandering toilet lady fun april means save camera lucidity edge shower son snake song theater healing taylor crowd theory warm than dawn wed

5-15-15- Waning:   missing solid april save number detail daughter sun book making elevator dreamer canyon liked induced amazing reading garage stop boss breaking choose spirit alien backlog yesterday exploration dragon tropical flight longest mon important class wasting

5-16-15- Waning:   sound surrounded ice car male snake were silent symbol corner raven great follow took pull sorry golden sun driving soul hide holding april save phone technique giving mum fail important wild view successful class terror

5-17-15- Waning:   men hours invited truck time center tree job favorite april play ball hill played glowing step character sent shared mountain request flight lake fly flew river dad today race deep forest yeah path perfectly unwanted

5-19-15- Waning:   sitting carrying ever calm sun position sad sorry slightly interested smile hide tired hand daughter happening hanging tiny ball april monsters meditation nap response david awesome endless anger management wed everlasting taylor link significant sessions

7-08-15- Waning: unusual hot yoga days bus shared test sexy pocket highway travel weather tonight cold dictionary father men responses elevator basic assassin nap april taken alien modern band bag june mild snow moon fri class david

7-11-15- Waning: weekly parts perspective teeth boy reality garage hurt journal cake castle natural slow sink mirror had gonna interesting learning sun double steps april audience pain plate motivation rainbow exchange blue pleasure orange yesterday energy equal

7-12-15- Waning: shared sex responses explore fear dancing poor soul public sexy father cloud master continued quick laughing sad symbol travel married april ship beach sent awesome standard tree beautiful june god pairs request android gonna climb

7-13-15- Waning: april surprise missing pills shared responses knowing bag orange giving thanks birth public fear dreamer june smile dictionary beach sexy access climb interesting brain mars brought hour dream guess intense sad baby fan stomach wed

7-14-15- Waning: june responses ice sealed simple book giving hotel nights forgot brain goal stood taylor dream poor were orange police jumping stars pain pizza cut mood afraid april father church sexy numbers wed view barry days

7-18-15-Waning: vision happen wont dictionary girlfriend except pocket god sad river nervous red dreamer dreamt shared base april hotel staring daughter casino women question assassin hospital sun stomach horrible responses married june action baby painting barry

7-19-15- Waning: power time avoid parking bad april take perfectly were wash exam plant bunch class grey very yet mood look back tree broke failed keys start seed around era one days there view up dawn dream
Twice, you obviously don't know this but I was thinking the exact same thing and actually wanted to compile this list. Yesterday I noticed APRIL SURPRISE, but I purposefully glossed over it because I thought this growing meme deserved its own separate thread. Thank you for doing this. Perhaps we could start incubating April 2016 in dream time. If anyone chooses to do so, go ahead and put your dream into the normal public dream forum, but then respond to this thread with a link to your post.

Whew! What would we do without you, dear Twice?!
Thank You Eagle!
Good Luck tomorrow!
I was about to post to this earlier when the power went out....again!

You two aren't the only ones that caught the April/June/July showing. April shows up with both June and/or July in some runs. I was contemplating this the other morning and didn't get very far before life called. *L*

Is there something in April that occurred again in June and will occur again in July?
Has this to do with Chani's (I guess we are calling the entity that although CHANI is the name of the project) mentions of April?
How about ISIS? or April Milsap?
Is there anything in the 2015 predictions for July?
Why only in the waning?

Just thoughts..... I'm at work and my USB schtick is at the lake.
Hmm. This might be why April is in July at least.
As Obama held a news conference regarding the Iran treaty, a reporter from American Urban Networks White House correspondent APRIL RYAN asked an unrelated question. The reason this is big is because President of the United States answered it and in the process defined rape in a way no president has ever defined it in the past.

At Wednesday’s press conference on the Iranian nuclear deal, President Barack Obama took a question about the dozens of rape allegations that have been levied at Bill Cosby.

American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan asked Obama whether he would revoke Cosby’s Medal of Freedom, awarded in 2002. A petition to that effect is currently circulating. Obama had this to say:

“With respect to the Medal of Freedom, there’s no precedent for revoking a medal. We don’t have that mechanism. As you know, I make it a policy not to comment on the specifics of cases where there still might be, if not criminal, then civil issues involved. I’ll say this: if you give a woman, or a man, for that matter, without his or her knowledge, a drug, and then have sex with that person without consent, that’s rape. And I think this country, or any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape.”

He then paused for a few seconds, before turning the discussion back to the Iran deal.
Navy Recruitment Center shooting.
Shooter Abdulazeez was arrested in APRIL for allegedly driving under the influence. He had been scheduled to appear in court later this month.
So who is ready to stick their neck out on the line and say that April is now fully fulfilled (i.e. 2015), and that April 2016 is now off the table?  Cool

Consider this: All the April words are in the Waning section, meaning that April prevalence in dreams has been plummeting. Wouldn't that suggest that the April indicated by the bot is the one in the past (i.e., 2015, ie waning, ie, backwards)? Just a thought. By the way, I didn't think it was even possible to see any particular word repeatedly showing up in the biggest loser section. Just weird.

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